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Jeremy Kadlec
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Jeremy Kadlec is the CTO @ Edgewood Solutions, where he focuses on core SQL Server Administration and Development needs for organizations on the east coast of the United States since 2002.

Jeremy is also the co-founder of where he serves as a managing editor and regular contributor with over 300+ tips, tutorials and web casts. As one of the founders of, I am proud to say our team of 100+ authors has helped millions of SQL Server Professionals since 2006. Our authors deliver solutions to the global SQL Server community’s problems every second of the day.

Community Activity

Jeremy has worked to help the local SQL Server community by leading both the Baltimore SQL Server Users Group and the Northern Virginia SQL Server Users Group for over 10 years. He is a frequent speaker at local user group meetings, national conferences and webcasts. Based on all of his community contributions, Jeremy has been recognized by Microsoft as a six time SQL Server MVP.

SQL Server Interests

Jeremy loves to wrangle difficult SQL Server problems with simple solutions for his customers. He loves to address both DBA and Developers needs then share his findings with the community on or at a community event.


Besides the 300+ contributions on, Jeremy was a previously featured author on and authored the Rational Guide to IT Project Management.

Social Media

Contact Information

Jeremy can be reached at and/or 410.591.4683.

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