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To bring some comic relief to at the end of the year, check out today's newsletter.  It is in the spirit of Jeff Foxworthy.  So here you go, you might be a DBA, if...


You might be a DBA if you are on call 24X7 and respond to your Blackberry at 4:30 AM without batting an eye to check to make sure all is well on your SQL Server...

You might be a DBA if your backups are always on your mind and the first item you check when you arrive to the office..

You might be a DBA if you are always checking your query plans and working to convert all of your T-SQL code to use the new TRY\CATCH paradigm...

You might be a DBA if your team members complain about how tight the security is in your environment and just when you thought things were going good you loosen the reins only to find out that they have changed some code and you did not approve...

You might be a DBA if your petition your boss for tools, auditing solutions and weekends when you are left alone...

You might be a DBA if you are happy to learn about new technologies at conferences yearly, user groups monthly and technical web sites daily...

You might be a DBA if you look forward to squeezing every ounce out of your queries when the rest of the team says that is as good as it gets...

You might be a DBA if you are excited about anything that ends with 'services', Reporting Services, Analysis Services, Integration Services...

You might be a DBA if you got a chuckle from this email.  Hope you enjoyed it...

P.S. Developers don't worry we will have a tip like this for you right around the corner...

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Last Updated: 2006-12-29

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