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Valuable SQL Server Performance Tuning tips, tutorials, how-to's, scripts, and more for SQL Server DBAs.

SubCategory Tip Title Author
Comparison Choose Between SQL Server Subquery T-SQL Code Eric Blinn
Comparison Tracking SQL Server Data Change History with Triggers versus Temporal Tables Jared Westover
Configuration Identify SQL Servers with inefficient power plans using Policy Based Management Aaron Bertrand
Configuration Improve SQL Server Table Variable Performance Using Trace Flag 2453 Ahmad Yaseen
Configuration Optimize for ad hoc workloads - at the database level - in SQL Server Aaron Bertrand
Configuration Set Statistics Time Examples for Tuning SQL Server Queries Rick Dobson
Configuration SQL Server Simple and Forced Parameterization Brady Upton
Configuration Using DBCC DROPCLEANBUFFERS When Testing SQL Server Performance Ben Snaidero
Conversions Implicit Conversion Concerns for SQL Server Performance Hadi Fadlallah
CPU Find out which SQL Server instance is consuming most of the CPU Manvendra Singh
CPU How to find out how much CPU a SQL Server process is really using Manvendra Singh
CPU How to Identify SQL Server CPU Bottlenecks Tibor Nagy
CPU Testing SQL Server Query Performance Using Different Levels of Parallelism Ben Snaidero
Data Optimize Moving SQL Server Data From One Table to Another Table Bhavesh Patel
Data SQL Server Implicit Conversions Performance Issues K. Brian Kelley
Data Types SQL Server performance issues when using mismatched data types Ranga Babu
Delete Fastest way to Delete Large Number of Records in SQL Server Aaron Bertrand
Development Avoid SQL Server functions in the WHERE clause for Performance Greg Robidoux
Development Collecting and Storing Poor Performing SQL Server Queries for Analysis Ben Snaidero
Development Convert Implicit and the related performance issues with SQL Server Andy Novick
Development Do SQL Server User Defined Datatypes (UDT) affect performance? Michelle Gutzait
Development Improving SQL Server performance when using table variables Matteo Lorini
Development Removing Function Calls for Better Performance in SQL Server Ben Snaidero
Development Speed up SQL Server queries with PREFETCH Matteo Lorini
Development SQL Server 2008 64bit Query Optimization Trick Matteo Lorini
Development SQL Server Performance Impact of Querying Unnecessary Columns Ben Snaidero
Development SQL Server performance tuning for each layer of an application Brady Upton
Development Trick to Optimize TOP clause in SQL Server Matteo Lorini
Development Using schema binding to improve SQL Server UDF performance Atif Shehzad
Hints Disabling SQL Server Optimizer Rules with QUERYRULEOFF Daniel Farina
Hints Enabling SQL Server Trace Flag for a Poor Performing Query Using QUERYTRACEON Daniel Farina
Hints How to Force a Parallel Execution Plan in SQL Server 2016 Ahmad Yaseen
Hints Optimize Parameter Driven Queries with SQL Server OPTIMIZE FOR Hint Greg Robidoux
Hints Why the SQL Server FORCESCAN hint exists Aaron Bertrand
Indexing Identify SQL Server Query Plans with Scans on Nonclustered Hash Indexes Robert L. Davis
Indexing Minimizing SQL Server PAGELATCH_EX Waits on Index Pages for UPDATE Statements Ben Snaidero
Indexing Solving Date Range SQL Server Query Performance Issues with OPTION RECOMPILE Mehdi Ghapanvari
Indexing SQL Server Performance Tuning with Hypothetical Indexes Daniel Farina
Indexing SQL Server Sargability - Queries on an Indexed Table Sometimes have Slow Performance Rick Kohler
Indexing SQL Server Schema Binding and Indexed Views Atif Shehzad
IO Gather IO statistics down to the SQL Server database file level Greg Robidoux
IO Getting IO and time statistics for SQL Server queries Tim Cullen
IO How to Identify IO Bottlenecks in MS SQL Server Tibor Nagy
IO Perfmon Counters to Identify SQL Server Disk Bottlenecks Matteo Lorini
IO SQL Server SET STATISTICS IO ON Deep Dive Eric Blinn
Locking Finding SQL Server Deadlocks Using Trace Flag 1222 Ken Simmons
Locking Identifying Key and RID Lookup Issues and How to Resolve Aaron Bertrand
Locking Remove some SQL Server blocking issues with the NOLOCK hint Greg Robidoux
Locking TABLOCK Hint can Negatively Impact SQL Server Concurrency Mehdi Ghapanvari
Memory How to Identify Microsoft SQL Server Memory Bottlenecks Tibor Nagy
Memory Tracking Query Statistics on Memory Grants and Parallelism in SQL Server 2016 Marios Philippopoulos
Memory Troubleshooting SQL Server RESOURCE_SEMAPHORE Waittype Memory Issues Manvendra Singh
Monitoring Capture Duration Metrics for SQL Server Query Tuning Rick Dobson
Overview SQL Server Enterprise Advanced Scan aka Merry-Go-Round Scan Simon Liew
Overview SQL Server Read Ahead Reads Example Neeraj Prasad Sharma
Parameter Sniffing Analyzing SQL Server Performance Impact of Parameter Sniffing Ben Snaidero
Parameter Sniffing How to find compiled parameter values for SQL Server cached plans Bhavesh Patel
Parameter Sniffing SQL Server Execution Plan Issues when using TOP Clause and Various Parameters Mehdi Ghapanvari
Parameter Sniffing Using a SQL Server Explain Plan to View Cached Query Plan Parameters in Management Studio Ben Snaidero
Perfmon Automate Performance Monitor Statistics Collection for SQL Server and Windows Ranga Narasimhan
Perfmon Automatically Generate Performance Counter Graphs with SQL Server 2016 and R Jeffrey Yao
Perfmon Collecting performance counters and using SQL Server to analyze the data Hilary Cotter
Perfmon Correlating Performance Monitor and SQL Server Profiler Data Greg Robidoux
Perfmon Creating SQL Server performance based reports using Excel Kun Lee
Perfmon How To Collect Performance Data With TYPEPERF.EXE Ray Barley
Perfmon Setup Performance Monitor to always collect SQL Server performance statistics Kun Lee
Perfmon SQL Server Database Specific Performance Counters Greg Robidoux
Perfmon System Monitor (Perfmon) Counters for SQL Server Jeremy Kadlec
Perfmon Trending Buffer Pool Performance Using DMV sys.dm_os_performance_counters Tim Ford
Perfmon Windows Reliability and Performance Monitor to troubleshoot SQL Server Sadequl Hussain
Performance Do not rely solely on a SQL Server Clustered Index Seek when Optimizing a Query Mehdi Ghapanvari
Performance Improve Query Performance when SQL Server Ignores Nonclustered Index Mehdi Ghapanvari
Performance Measure Delayed Durability impact in SQL Server 2016 and later Aaron Bertrand
Performance Performance Tuning SQL Server Query without Execution Plan Jim Evans
Plan Cache Always have a good plan! What's in your SQL Server Plan Cache? Robert Pearl
Plan Cache Analyzing SQL Server Plan Cache Performance Using DMVs Tim Ford
Plan Cache Analyzing the SQL Server Plan Cache Atif Shehzad
Plan Cache Different Ways to Flush or Clear SQL Server Cache Bhavesh Patel
Plan Cache Troubleshooting Excess Compilations in SQL Server Using the Plan Cache and PowerShell Derek Colley
Processes Get Current Running Queries in SQL Server with fn_get_sql Greg Robidoux
Scripts SQL Server Internal Query Cardinality Estimator Information Eli Leiba
Servers Windows Server Power Management Effect on SQL Server Simon Liew
Shrink Issues with running DBCC SHRINKFILE on your SQL Server data files Andy Novick
SQLDIAG Introduction to SQLDIAG for SQL Server Performance Monitoring and Tuning Ray Barley
SQLDIAG Tool to help you analyze SQL Server SQLDIAG and PSSDIAG output Matteo Lorini
Statistics How Incorrect SQL Server Table Statistic Estimates Can Cause Slow Query Execution Ben Snaidero
Statistics How to create a SQL Server Clone Statistics Only Database Matteo Lorini
Statistics Interesting example of statistics and index usage on a SQL Server computed column Matteo Lorini
Statistics Issues Caused by Outdated Statistics in SQL Server Tibor Nagy
Statistics NORECOMPUTE option of UPDATE STATISTICS in SQL Server Jeremy Kadlec
Statistics Performance Advantages of SQL Server Filtered Statistics Matteo Lorini
Statistics SQL Server Query Tuning with Statistics Time and Statistics IO Eric Blinn
Statistics Tune SQL Server Query when Estimated Number of Rows is Incorrect Mehdi Ghapanvari
Storage Disk Latency for SQL Server Database and Transaction Log Files Eli Leiba
Stored Procedures Explore Natively Compiled SQL Server Stored Procedure Execution Plans Mehdi Ghapanvari
T-SQL Improve SQL Server Performance for Large Log Table Queries using a Goal Posts Table Aaron Bertrand
T-SQL Issue with UNION and columns with mismatched data types in SQL Server Aaron Bertrand
T-SQL SQL Server Performance Comparison of TOP vs ROW_NUMBER Ahmad Yaseen
T-SQL SQL Server Performance Tuning with Query Plans and New Indexes Eric Blinn
Temp Tables SQL Server Performance Issues using SQL JOIN with a Temporary Table vs a Table Variable Mehdi Ghapanvari
Temp Tables Table Variable Deferred Compilation in SQL Server Aaron Bertrand
TempDB Get SQL Server Delayed Durability Advantages Without Configuration Changes Simon Liew
Tools Best-of-class SQL Server Performance Monitoring and Alerting K. Brian Kelley
Tools Built in Performance Reports in SQL Server 2005 MSSQLTips
Tools Collect SQL Server Performance Counter Sets Using Logman Susantha Bathige
Tools Create a Process Dump of SQL Server using SqlDumper.exe Tool Daniel Farina
Tools Creating a Centralized Performance Collection Solution for SQL Server Fikrat Azizov
Tools Custom Solution to Measure SQL Server Query Performance Improvements Fikrat Azizov
Tools Get Database Insights Across Your Environment Jeremy Kadlec
Tools Getting Started with SqlQueryStress for SQL Server Load Testing Jared Westover
Tools More intuitive tool for reading SQL Server execution plans Aaron Bertrand
Tools Quick, Comprehensive and Affordable SQL Server Query Optimization from SQLGrease Greg Robidoux
Tools Solving SQL Server Performance Issues for 18 Years and Counting Jeremy Kadlec
Tools SQL Server Monitoring and Troubleshooting Simplified for DBAs with SQL Sentry Jeremy Kadlec
Tools SQL Server Performance Monitoring Tools Jeremy Kadlec
Trace Flags SQL Server Memory Pressure Troubleshooting Aakash Patel
Transaction Logs Find Currently Executing SQL Server Queries Consuming Transaction Log Space Bhavesh Patel
Transaction Logs Reduce SQL Server WRITELOG waits using Delayed Durability Chandresh Patel
Transaction Logs Troubleshooting SQL Server Transaction Log Related Wait Types Daniel Farina
Troubleshooting Clone a SQL Server Database Using DBCC CLONEDATABASE Ahmad Yaseen
Troubleshooting Database Cloning in SQL Server for Troubleshooting and Diagnostics Manvendra Singh
Troubleshooting DBCC CLONEDATABSE Enhancements in SQL Server 2016 SP1 Rajendra Gupta
Troubleshooting Finding what SQL Server Trace Flags were enabled for a query Ahmad Yaseen
Troubleshooting First Steps for SQL Server Performance Troubleshooting Daniel Farina
Troubleshooting SQL Server DBCC CLONEDATABASE Example Rajendra Gupta
Troubleshooting SQL Server stored procedure runs fast in SSMS and slow in application Ranga Babu
Troubleshooting Tuning SQL Server Code with T-SQL Commands Ben Snaidero
Troubleshooting Usage of DBCC OPTIMIZER_WHATIF for SQL Server Query Tuning Daniel Farina
Tuning Advisor Error running the SQL Server Database Tuning Advisor for non SA users Manvendra Singh
Tuning Advisor Introduction to SQL Server Query Optimization with Database Engine Tuning Advisor Diogo Souza
Tuning Advisor SQL Server Database Engine Tuning Advisor for Performance Tuning Ray Barley
Tutorials Techniques For Improving SQL Query Performance - Indexing, Parameterization and Partitioning Derek Colley
Update UPDATE Statement Performance in SQL Server Bhavesh Patel
Wait Types A closer look at CXPACKET wait type in SQL Server Matteo Lorini
Wait Types Changes to SQL Server CXPACKET Wait Types Aaron Bertrand
Wait Types Get Detailed Wait Stats with SQL Server Execution Plan Ahmad Yaseen
Tutorial Topic Author
SQL Server Performance Monitoring and Tuning Tutorial SQL Server Performance Tuning and Monitoring Tutorial Greg Robidoux
SQL Server Performance Monitoring and Tuning Tutorial Performance Related Tools Greg Robidoux
SQL Server Performance Monitoring and Tuning Tutorial Dynamic Management Views Greg Robidoux
SQL Server Performance Monitoring and Tuning Tutorial Profiler and Server Side Traces Greg Robidoux
SQL Server Performance Monitoring and Tuning Tutorial Performance Monitor Greg Robidoux
SQL Server Performance Monitoring and Tuning Tutorial Built in Performance Reports in SSMS Greg Robidoux
SQL Server Performance Monitoring and Tuning Tutorial Query Execution Plans Greg Robidoux
SQL Server Performance Monitoring and Tuning Tutorial Database Engine Tuning Advisor Greg Robidoux
SQL Server Performance Monitoring and Tuning Tutorial Performance Issues Greg Robidoux
SQL Server Performance Monitoring and Tuning Tutorial Troubleshooting Blocking Greg Robidoux
SQL Server Performance Monitoring and Tuning Tutorial Tracing a SQL Server Deadlock Greg Robidoux
SQL Server Performance Monitoring and Tuning Tutorial Index Scans and Table Scans Greg Robidoux
SQL Server Performance Monitoring and Tuning Tutorial Eliminating bookmark (key/rid) lookups Greg Robidoux
SQL Server Performance Monitoring and Tuning Tutorial Discovering Unused Indexes Greg Robidoux
SQL Server Performance Monitoring and Tuning Tutorial Investigating I/O bottlenecks Greg Robidoux
SQL Server Performance Monitoring and Tuning Tutorial Get Free SQL Tips - SQL Server Performance Monitoring and Tuning Tutorial Greg Robidoux
SQL Server Query Performance Guidelines Tutorial SQL Server Query Performance Guidelines Tutorial Ben Snaidero
SQL Server Query Performance Guidelines Tutorial How Join Order Can Affect the Query Plan Ben Snaidero
SQL Server Query Performance Guidelines Tutorial Remove Function Calls From the SELECT List Ben Snaidero
SQL Server Query Performance Guidelines Tutorial Avoid Using Not Equal in WHERE Clause Ben Snaidero
SQL Server Query Performance Guidelines Tutorial Avoid Using Functions in WHERE Clause Ben Snaidero
SQL Server Query Performance Guidelines Tutorial Avoid Using Wildcard Characters to Start Search Criteria Ben Snaidero
SQL Server Query Performance Guidelines Tutorial Use a Derived Table in Place of IN Predicate With Aggregate Functions Ben Snaidero
SQL Server Query Performance Guidelines Tutorial Make Sure All JOIN Columns are Indexed Ben Snaidero
SQL Server Query Performance Guidelines Tutorial Use WHERE, JOIN, ORDERBY, SELECT Column Order When Creating Indexes Ben Snaidero
SQL Server Query Performance Guidelines Tutorial Make Sure All Tables Have a Clustered Index Defined Ben Snaidero
SQL Server Query Performance Guidelines Tutorial Use DELETE CASCADE Option to Handle Child Key Removal in Foreign Key Relationships Ben Snaidero
SQL Server Query Performance Guidelines Tutorial Denormalize For Performance Ben Snaidero
SQL Server Query Performance Guidelines Tutorial Get Free SQL Tips - SQL Server Query Performance Guidelines Tutorial Ben Snaidero
Title Speaker
Achieve Optimal SQL Server Performance Franklin Yamamoto
Advanced Performance Tuning for Microsoft SQL Server Ash Recksiedler
Announcing Extraordinary SQL Optimization: Advanced Machine Learning Analytics Meets SQL Server Domain Insight Jim Shocrylas
Database Performance Tuning for Virtualized Database Instances John Maxwell
End to End SQL Server Application Performance Management with AimBetter Jeremy Kadlec
Exploring the Plan Cache to Optimize SQL Server Performance Andy Warren
Feel the Need… the Need for Speed in your SQL Server databases! Janis Griffin
Finding Poorly Performing SQL Queries Andy Warren and Per Christopher Undheim
From 10,000 Feet to 10 Feet, Complete SQL Monitoring Jared Hensle and Trent Sherman
Gathering and using historical data to solve SQL Server performance issues Ben DeBow
How To Troubleshoot SQL Server Using Wait Stats Owen Murphy and Thomas LaRock
Identify and Understand Important Data to Improve SQL Server Performance Joseph D'Antoni and Per Christopher Undheim
Identify SQL Server Performance Problems Quickly and Efficiently Franklin Yamamoto
Improving SQL Server Virtual Machine Storage Performance Joseph DAntoni and Jennifer Joyce
Introduction to SQL Server Statistics Andy Warren
It’s the Database. Or Is It? Put an End to Finger Pointing! Peter J. Di Stefano
Let's Dive Into SQL Server I/O To Improve T-SQL Performance Andy Yun
Making SQL Server Faster Denny Cherry and Jason Hall
Master 5 Common SQL Server Monitoring Challenges Sathyanarayanan
Microsoft SQL Monitoring with SolarWinds SAM and DPA - the Dynamic Duo Peter J. Di Stefano and Jared Hensle
Modern High-Performance Tools for SQL DBAs Per Christopher Undheim
Modern High-Performance Tools for SQL Server DBAs Per Christopher Undheim
Performance Troubleshooting SQL Server with Native Tools Kevin Kline
Performance Tuning SQL Server using Wait Statistics Thomas LaRock
Rapidly detect, diagnose and resolve performance issues across your physical, virtual and cloud-based SQL Server databases Andy Warren & Tim Fritz
Solving Oracle Performance Issues in Four Easy Steps Trent Sherman
SQL Server on VMWare Performance Optimization Joey DAntoni and Jennifer Joyce
SQL Server Performance Tuning - Advanced Techniques Andy Warren
SQL Server Performance Tuning Hints and Tricks Andy Warren
SQL Server performance tuning in the cloud Joey DAntoni and Janis Griffin
Trends in SQL Server Performance Tuning Kevin Kline
Troubleshooting Poor SQL Server Query Performance Andy Warren
Using SQL Server Query Store & Plan Guides to Fix Problem Queries Andy Warren
Why Are My SQL Server Queries So Slow? K. Brian Kelley
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