Built in Performance Reports in SSMS


Another way to get performance related information from SQL Server is to use the built-in performance reports.  The reports were first introduced with SQL Server 2005 as an add-on, but are now standard with later versions.  The reports provide useful information that can assist you in determining where your performance bottlenecks may be. The data from these reports is pulled from DMVs as well as the default trace that is always running.


To access the reports, open SSMS, right click on the SQL Server instance name and select Reports > Standard Reports as shown below.

launch sql server standard reports

There are several reports related to performance that can be used to see current activity as well as historical activity. Here is a list of some of the available reports.

  • Server Dashboard
  • Scheduler Health
  • Memory Consumption
  • Activity - All Blocking Transactions
  • Activity - Top Sessions
  • Activity - top Connections
  • Top Connections by Block Transactions Count
  • Top Transaction by Locks Count
  • Performance - Batch Execution Statistics
  • Performance - Object Execution Statistics
  • Performance - Top Queries by Average CPU Time
  • Performance - Top Queries by Average IO
  • Performance - Top Queries by Total CPU Time
  • Performance - Top Queries by Total IO

Here is a sample Performance - Batch Execution Statistics report:

sql server performance batch execution statistics

Take the time to explore these reports to determine which report best suits your performance monitoring needs.

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Tuesday, March 5, 2024 - 2:26:48 PM - Greg Robidoux Back To Top (92044)
Hi Vijay, not sure why this is happening. You could try to upgrade SSMS to the latest version and see if that fixes the issue. I just opened that report and it loaded fine for me.


Tuesday, March 5, 2024 - 1:04:58 PM - Vijay Telure Back To Top (92041)
When I try to get log shipping transaction status SSMS log out and restart ,login screen come again.

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