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SQL Server DBA Tips and Tricks

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SQL Server Columnstore, B-Tree and Hybrid Index Performance Comparison for Data Warehouses

SQL Server 2012 is known for a few amazing performance features and columnstore index is one of them. According to Microsoft, this new type of index can bring up to a 10x performance improvement for certain queries and is recommended for large data warehouse and real time operational analytics solutions. Columnstore indexes are best suited for queries involving large table scans, especially fact/dimension joins and aggregations, which are typical

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SQL Server Cursor Example

In my T-SQL code I always use set based operations. I have been told these types of operations are what SQL Server is designed to process and it should be quicker than serial processing. I know cursors exist but I am not sure how to use them. Can you provide some cursor examples? Can you give any guidance on when to use cursors? I assume Microsoft created them for a reason so they must have a place where they can be used in an efficient mann

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How to Reduce Latency and Boost Your SQL Server Performance

Is SQL Server slow for you?

Attend this webinar and learn how you can optimize your SQL Server performance. Hear how the pros pinpoint performance bottlenecks and leverage the latest advancements in storage technology to decrease access latency and IO wait times. By the end of the webinar you'll have the tools and information you need to recommend the best approach for your SQL Server environment.

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Learn more about SQL Server tools