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SQL Server Developer Tips and Tricks

Latest SQL Server Tips

sql server tip

Using T-SQL to Quantify Trend Direction and Strength

In this tip we look at how to use multiple sets of moving averages to predict direction and strength of stock prices.

sql server tip

Beginners Guide to Python for SQL Server Professionals

In this tip we cover some basics on how to get started with Python.

sql server tip

Market Basket Analysis in R and Power BI

In this tip we look at how to use Power BI to help us find items that are closely correlated for things like products that are purchased together.

sql server tip

Return SQL Server Connections Information Using sys.dm_exec_connections

In this tip we look at we can use SQL Server DMV sys.dm_exec_connections to see what current connections are doing for troubleshooting and monitoring.

SQL Server Tutorials

sql server tutorial

SQL Server Backup Tutorial

One of your last lines of defense for just about any system is to have a backup in place in case there is a need to recover some or all of your data. This is also true for SQL Server. In this tutorial we will discuss selecting the correct recovery models, what backup options are available, and how to create backups using T-SQL commands and SQL Server Management Studio.

sql server tutorial

SQL Server Restore Tutorial

What good is a backup if you do not know to restore the backup. In this tutorial we will look at what restore options are available and which options are only accessible using T-SQL commands.

sql server tutorial


The INFORMATION_SCHEMA views allow you to retrieve metadata about the objects within a database. These views can be found in the master database under Views / System Views and be called from any database in your SQL Server instance. In this tutorial we look at some of these INFORMATION_SCHEMA views and how they can be used.

sql server tutorial

SQL Server Performance Monitoring and Tuning Tutorial

In this tutorial we will cover some of the common issues with performance such as: deadlocks, blocking, missing and unused indexes, I/O bottlenecks, poor query plans, statistics, wait stats and fragmentation.

SQL Server Webcasts

sql server webcast

SQL Server in The Cloud: High Availability and Disaster Recovery in Azure, AWS and Google

If you are considering moving your SQL Server instances to "The Cloud" you will need to have a plan in place for both high availability and disaster recovery. In this webinar, we will examine the three top public cloud providers and what they have to offer.

sql server webcast

Quickly fix index and query performance problems with SQL Diagnostic Manager

Attend this webinar to learn how to monitor and diagnose the performance of SQL Server indexes and queries multiple different ways (such as viewing query signatures, query statements, query history, query waits, query execution plans, worst offenders, and prescriptive workload analysis) in a SQL Server environment with IDERA SQL Diagnostic Manager.

sql server webcast

SQL Server 2017 - It Just Gets Faster

SQL Server 2017 introduces many new features as well as improvements in performance and support for a new operating system, Linux. Join us for this demo heavy session to help get you ready for the latest release of SQL Server.

sql server webcast

Introduction to Biml - Generating your SSIS packages from scratch

In this webinar, learn the basics of Biml and BimlScript and how we can use metadata to create a framework for automating your data integration tasks. After this webcast, you can start with the automation of your SSIS packages.

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