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SQL Server Transparent Data Encryption Alternative - Free Webinar

SQL Server Developer Tips and Tricks

Latest SQL Server Tips

sql server tip

SQL Server Temporal Tables Overview

In this tip we look at what temporal tables are in SQL Server and how to use temporal tables.

sql server tip

Execute Dynamic SQL commands in SQL Server

In this tip we look at different approaches for building dynamic SQL code.

sql server tip

Querying SQL Server Tables from .NET

In this tip we look at a few examples of using .NET code to update and select data from SQL Server tables by creating a simple application and connection string to the SQL Server database.

sql server tip

Optimize Large SQL Server DML Processes by Using Batches

In this tip we look at another approach to process large SQL Server transactions in smaller batches using T-SQL code and the TOP command.

SQL Server Tutorials

sql server tutorial

SQL Server Backup Tutorial

One of your last lines of defense for just about any system is to have a backup in place in case there is a need to recover some or all of your data. This is also true for SQL Server. In this tutorial we will discuss selecting the correct recovery models, what backup options are available, and how to create backups using T-SQL commands and SQL Server Management Studio.

sql server tutorial

SQL Server Restore Tutorial

What good is a backup if you do not know to restore the backup. In this tutorial we will look at what restore options are available and which options are only accessible using T-SQL commands.

sql server tutorial


The INFORMATION_SCHEMA views allow you to retrieve metadata about the objects within a database. These views can be found in the master database under Views / System Views and be called from any database in your SQL Server instance. In this tutorial we look at some of these INFORMATION_SCHEMA views and how they can be used.

sql server tutorial

SQL Server Performance Monitoring and Tuning Tutorial

In this tutorial we will cover some of the common issues with performance such as: deadlocks, blocking, missing and unused indexes, I/O bottlenecks, poor query plans, statistics, wait stats and fragmentation.

SQL Server Webcasts

sql server webcast

Untangle TempDB Performance with SQL Diagnostic Manager

Join David Terry to learn how to quickly identify and resolve tempdb performance issues using IDERA SQL Diagnostic Manager. View the space, contention, and health of tempdb via a series of charts, views, alerts, and reports that are unique to tempdb. In detail, monitor the file space, version store, sessions space usage, and wait stats for tempdb.

sql server webcast

The Trade-off Between SQL Server Security and Performance

Join Rey Rios as he demonstrates how IDERA SQL Management Suite monitors and tracks changes to SQL Server objects and data, and sends alerts on suspicious activity to ensure compliance with requirements for industry regulations and data security. It also monitors, alerts, diagnoses, and tunes SQL Server availability, health, and performance.

sql server webcast

10 T-SQL Development Tips for SQL Server

In this webcast we will look at things you should be aware of when developing T-SQL code for your SQL Server databases. Whether you are new to T-SQL development or have been developing T-SQL code for many years, you'll probably pick up a tip or two in this free webcast.

sql server webcast

Learn to Fix SQL Server Storage Bottlenecks and Boost SQL Application Performance – No New Hardware

Whether running SQL Server in a physical or virtualized environment, most SQL DBAs would welcome faster storage at a reasonable price. Condusiv’s V-locity software is designed to provide exactly that, but using the storage hardware that you already own.

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