Exploring the Plan Cache to Optimize SQL Server Performance

IDERA sponsored on-demand webinar

Webcast Abstract

Reusing compiled query plans is a key part of getting great performance. This session is about discovering how plans are cached and then looking into the cache to see which plans are used a lot (perhaps worth tuning those more), which are rarely used, and which plans are being compiled over and over again because the query is written in a way that keeps the optimizer from matching it to an existing plan. We'll look at how to evict a single plan from cache, talk about plan guides as a way to force the plan you want into cache, and do a brief look at the Query Store that was added in SQL 2016.

After this session you (or your DBA) will want to run a few queries to see what your plan cache looks like and you'll find some interesting stuff in the results!

Speaker - Andy Warren

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