End to End SQL Server Application Performance Management with AimBetter

AimBetter sponsored on-demand webinar

Webcast Abstract

Performance problems lurk in many different layers of your applications. Unfortunately, most tools look at just SQL Server performance metrics and overlook the application, IIS, network communications and more that can equally contribute to a poor user experience. These problems can become even more daunting with complex on-premises, cloud and hybrid applications.

This is where AimBetter can help your team pinpoint application and database issues to permanently solve performance problems. With AimBetter’s solution you can:

  • Effortlessly pinpoint where performance issues lurk – SQL Server, Application, IIS and Network
  • 650+ metrics at the SQL Server, Windows, IIS and Network layers
  • Prioritized issues as well as DBA and Systems services to assist your team
  • Simple installation with cloud based monitoring and storage
  • Affordable prices per instance
  • Licensing includes NOC monitoring and DBA assistance
  • Resolution on the go with a mobile application

Come learn how the AimBetter solution will identify your performance issues and their NOC team will help you bring the issues to a final resolution.

Speaker - Jeremy Kadlec

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