Daniel Farina

Daniel Farina
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Daniel Farina was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Self-educated, since childhood he showed a passion for learning. He studied at Universidad de Buenos Aires. Daniel started working as a programmer at a young age. Over the years he specialized in databases, particularly SQL Server and Oracle. Now with 30 years of age, his work experience includes working with various technologies like VB, C, .NET, web development, Windows and Linux systems. He likes to read about science, psychology, philosophy and many other things. In his spare time, he trains powerlifting aiming to compete.

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  MSSQLTips award

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  MSSQLTips award   MSSQLTips award

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Common Runtime Language
Data Types
Database Administration
Database Configurations
Database Console Commands DBCCs
Disaster Recovery
Dynamic Management Views and Functions
Express Edition
Fragmentation and Index Maintenance
Functions User Defined UDF
In Memory OLTP
Install and Uninstall
Integration Services Control Flow Transformations
Integration Services Data Flow Transformations
Integration Services Development
Integration Services Performance
Linked Servers
Locking and Blocking
Log Shipping
Performance Tuning
Query Optimization
Reporting Services Data Sources
Reporting Services Development
SQL Operations Studio
SQL Server 2016
SQL Server Agent
SQL Server Configurations
SQL Server Management Studio
SQL Server on Linux
System Databases
Upgrades and Migrations
User Defined Type UDT



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