Quick, Comprehensive and Affordable SQL Server Query Optimization from SQLGrease

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SQLGrease is an in-depth SQL query optimization tool using real-time and historical data to solve complex SQL Server performance issues. SQLGrease can quickly identify SQL code causing performance issues and present detailed information for quick resolution.

SQLGrease is available for SQL Server 2008 to 2022 as well as Azure SQL Database, Azure Managed Instances and Amazon RDS. As a cloud-based performance solution, SQLGrease offers full parity functionality across all cloud and on-premises versions of SQL Server. This consistency simplifies troubleshooting and ensures equal comparisons across your entire environment.

Why SQLGrease

SQLGrease was built from the ground up specifically for SQL Server. Using the newest monitoring features in SQL Server, SQLGrease collects detailed information with extremely low overhead. With the focus on SQL Server, you know you are getting the best possible tool to solve SQL Server performance issues.

SQLGrease is the only subscription priced offering capable of providing deep dive performance monitoring of SQL Server. Despite being a cloud offering, SQLGrease is capable of monitoring your on-premises and cloud deployments. All that is required is the installation of a lightweight Windows service somewhere in your network.

SQLGrease installs in minutes. With this super quick installation process, you can begin collecting data and identifying performance issues immediately. There is no need to find resources for an installation, just login to the portal, download and install the agent, and specify credentials.

Always get the latest updates and new features. Upgrades do not require reinstallations and do not require end-user intervention. As a result, SQLGrease frequently introduces new features at no additional cost.

SQLGrease uses a secure platform to ensure no sensitive data ever leaves your data center. No credentials are ever transferred, and all data is encrypted via SSL. Queries, execution plans, and deadlock graphs are optionally scrubbed for non-parameterized SQL. SQLGrease can collect data with as few permissions as only VIEW SERVER STATE access.

SQLGrease Highlights

  • Query Execution - data collected every minute to give you the data and insight for tuning SQL code
  • Security - limited permissions are needed to collect data, secure SSL communication, and data masking options
  • Events and Notifications - be notified based on what is important to you
  • Performance Counters - collection of OS and SQL performance counter data for further insight
  • Cloud - supports cloud deployments of SQL Server as well as on-premises
  • Deployment - agent has small footprint, automatic upgrades, and free upgrades
  • Flexible Licensing - cost is always a consideration and SQLGrease offers flexible and affordable options to monitor what you need when you need it

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