Troubleshooting Poor SQL Server Query Performance

Quest sponsored on-demand webinar

Webcast Abstract

If you're a developer, manager, or accidental DBA you'll eventually run into a query that performs poorly and beyond "adding an index" it's hard to know how to make it work better.

This presentation is targeted at knowing how to go about query tuning, going through a list of triage steps so that we understand the problem and then see which of our solution patterns is most likely to work. For example, when we say a query is slow, it's useful to understand if it's always slow, only slow at certain times, or only slow for certain customers. We'll look at how to measure performance easily, how to know if blocking was involved, how to identify missing indexes, why plans sometimes "go bad", and a lot more, including fixing some queries!

The goal for this presentation is to show you that if you're patient and think of this as just like debugging any problem, solving most query performance issues is well within your reach.

Speaker - Andy Warren

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