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I am a SQL Server Professional and I am looking for some resources to help enhance my career.  I can use help across the board and I am not sure where to start.  Can you give me some pointers?


Check out this Top 5 List of resources to help enhance your SQL Server Career.  Let's dive in...

1 - How do you find a SQL Server Job?

Finding your next opportunity can be tough.  Word of mouth referrals and networking in the community are generally good options, but what else is available?  Check out this upcoming webcast to learn about Conducting an Effective SQL Server Job Search and learn about the following items:

  • Process you can follow for conducting a job search, and helpful tips along the way
  • How to identify quality career opportunities
  • Tips for ensuring you leave any organization on a high note

>>> Learn More


2 - How do I build my resume?

Your resume is a reflection of your career accomplishments and it is generally your ticket into the door for an interview?  If you have a year's worth of experience what should you include?  What about 10 years of experience?  Should your resume be 10 pages long?  Check out this upcoming webinar on Resume Writing for SQL Server Professionals to get these questions answered and many more.

  • How to write your resumes to communicate your brand, skills, accomplishments and interests
  • How to communicate your qualifications and show you’re a candidate worth strong consideration
  • How to enhance your resume and communicate your brand to capture the attention of potential employers

>>> Learn More


3 - Ace your next SQL Server interview!

Interviews can be brutal, if you are not prepared.  Learn the skills you need to ace your next interview at our upcoming webcast on Interview Coaching for SQL Server Professionals.   Learn how to handle the difficult questions and avoid common pitfalls.

  • Learn how to navigate the path to achieve your next career opportunity
  • Learn interviewing best practices for your next interview
  • Do you think you have been overlooked as a candidate?  Find out why.

>>> Learn More


4 - SQL Server Career Planning

Do you need to take a step back before you jump into the market for a new job?  Learn about how to build your SQL Server career plan, grow your career and more. 

>>> Check out this tip - SQL Server Career Planning


5 - What are you striving for as a SQL Server Professional

What is your yard stick that you use to measure yourself?  How do you think you compare to your peers?  What value do you uniquely provide to your organization?  What is your unique skill set?  What are you striving for in the next 1, 3 or 5 years?  Do these questions have you thinking? 

>>> Check out these tips - SQL Server DBAs' Value to the Organization and What are the key qualities for a SQL Server DBA?


Next Steps
  • Click on each of the resources above to start to improve your SQL Server career.
  • Keep in mind things do not change overnight, be sure to build a plan for steady growth and recognize each of your accomplishments.
  • As you grow as a SQL Server Professional consider giving back to the community.  Best wishes and good luck!

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Comments For This Article

Sunday, June 29, 2014 - 5:01:14 PM - Armando Prato Back To Top (32459)

Jim,  I highly recommend attending webcasts.   They're free (usually) and you can always something new.

MSSQLTips has a bunch here:


Friday, June 27, 2014 - 11:21:43 AM - Jim Back To Top (32436)

I was lead to this link because I am always looking for resources to enhance my career - this solution is more on how to get a new job.  Are there ways to enhance your sql career without leaving your current position??? or maybe I am missing something in the solution... PERSONALLY I do enjoy http://www.microsoftvirtualacademy.com/ and all of the SQL Saturdays, but some of the local training is not applicable to where I think my niche is.  


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