Aubrey Love

Aubrey Love

Aubrey Love has been working on PC’s since they were invented back in ‘70s. Most of my career has been dealing with the hardware side building, designing and testing. Having worked for three years at NASA in the IT department, building, upgrading and maintaining the computers back in the ‘80s, I gained a better understanding of some of the, now antiquated, programming languages. I also spent five years at Dell as an engineer, tester and lab manager. Later, I worked for General Dynamics/Lockheed Martin designing, building and testing F-16 (fighter jet) simulators. AKA, the ultimate arcade game. Although my early years were on the hardware side, I did delve into some programming languages such as DOS, BASIC/Q-Basic, COBAL and Fortran.

In recent years I have migrated more to the software side in the spectrum of programming learning the more modern languages while spending less time on the hardware side. I have learned to program with T-SQL, HTML, CSS, JavaScript and C#. I currently maintain a website/blog for general tech tips which I started while writing for a local military base newspaper. I was asked to take on that task just after I retired from the military as a 20-year vet.

I am currently a Business Intelligence Specialist working primarily with T-SQL and C#. I build and maintain relational databases that are referenced via C# programs that I design as customer friendly interfaces. I started off with databases some years ago with Microsoft Access and moved onto a more user-friendly database creator called Filemaker Pro that utilizes the proprietary DRACO database engine. In recent years I have once again transitioned to my new, and hopefully, permanent home of T-SQL. I am in my fourth year as a T-SQL programmer and continue to learn every day.

My own personal philosophy; “never stop learning, living, laughing”.

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