Brent Shaub

Brent Shaub


Brent Shaub has been creating, renovating and administering databases since 1998. He's worked on nearly two dozen professional systems, most incorporating web front-ends, iterating many times over the SDLC. After 14 years in the corporate world working for Foster Wheeler, Design Strategy and Research Pharmaceutical Services, Brent has created his own company, Buoyant Creations LLC, to provide health education.

Community Activity

Brent's role as technical lead on his company's flagship site Library of Learning, is to create the first web-based, database-driven Feldenkrais search tool, complete with recordings. The global endeavor will use insights from 30 senior practitioners and serve over 2,000 practitioners and their students. Brent has worked with the Australian Feldenkrais Guild on their website and teaches Feldenkrais classes.

SQL Server Interests

Open to alternative viewpoints, Brent encourages constructive debate in his articles on Impressed with the elegance of clear design, Brent digs into structural relationships. He's a whiz at redesigning existing schemas and creating systems from ideas. Through fine-tuning logical differences organizing data, Brent aims to minimize the ripple-effect of changes from table to front-end. "Behind a good system is a good schema."

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