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Svetlana Golovko
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Svetlana Golovko

Svetlana has been working in IT for more than 17 years. Most of her career has focused on Database Administration (both SQL Server and Oracle) and Database Development. Databases are Svetlana's passion, but she also has fun helping co-workers and friends in troubleshooting non-database related issues. Svetlana tries to explore and learn as many SQL Server features as possible. Her favorite SQL Server features are Policy Based Management, SSIS, SSRS and Master Data Services. One of Svetlana's areas of expertize is cross systems / database integration.  Svetlana is currently a hands-on Database Team Lead in Calgary, Canada where she promotes SQL Server.

Svetlana likes to share her knowledge with others and enjoys learning herself. Her hobby is photography, but now she spends her free time away from Database Administration with her little girl who proudly wears her MSSQLTips shirt. Svetlana blogs at http://databaserefresh.com and posts her pictures to https://plus.google.com/u/0/111115767149899859037/posts.  Her Twitter account is @magasvs.

2018 Awards
  MSSQLTips award

2017 Awards
  MSSQLTips award

2016 Awards
  MSSQLTips award

2015 Awards
  MSSQLTips award   MSSQLTips award

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Availability Groups
Central Management Servers
Comparison Data and Objects
Database Administration
Database Mail
Master Data Services
Other Database Platforms
Policy Based Management
Professional Development Management
Professional Development Skills Development
Profiler and Trace
Reporting Services Development
SQL Server 2016
SQL Server Agent
Stored Procedures
Upgrades and Migrations

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