Sergey Gigoyan

Sergey Gigoyan
Sergey Gigoyan is a database professional with more than 10 years of experience, with a focus on database design, development, performance tuning, optimization, high availability, BI and DW design.


Sergey Gigoyan is a database professional (MCSE: Data Platform, MCITP, OCP) with more than 10 years of experience, with a focus on database design and development, performance tuning and optimization, high availability solutions, BI development and DW design. He has worked with SQL Server 2000/2005/2008/2012/2014, Oracle, PostgreSQL databases. He has designed and developed database and DW systems for banking, trading, financial and sales areas. He is now working at Oracle Armenia as a Principal Database Developer. He is continuously developing his professional skills to keep pace with new technologies.

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Category Tip Title
Auditing and Compliance Auditing Failed SQL Server Transactions Using Table Variables
Backup Backup Database Task in SQL Server Maintenance Plans
Backup SQL Server Backups and Transaction Log Questions
Data Types SQL Server Bit Data Type
Data Warehousing SQL Server vs. Snowflake for Data Warehousing
Database Administration Capture SQL Server Connectivity Errors in the ERRORLOG
Database Administration Move SQL Server Tables to Different Filegroups
Database Administration Remove Unnecessary SQL Server Transaction Log Files
Database Administration SQL Server Move Database Files Step By Step
Database Administration Synchronizing SQL Server data using rowversion
Database Design Find and Remove Duplicate Rows from a SQL Server Table
Database Design SQL Server Management Studio Database Diagram Support Objects Cannot be Installed
Database Mirroring Configure SQL Server Database Mirroring using T-SQL
Debugging Some Tricky Situations When Working with SQL Server NULLs
Debugging Using SQL Server Profiler to Capture Stored Procedures Executions
Encryption Storing passwords in a secure way in a SQL Server database
Error Handling SQL Server transaction count after EXECUTE indicates a mismatching number of BEGIN and COMMIT statements
Extended Events Capture Executions of Stored Procedures in SQL Server
Import and Export Using Global Temporary Staging Tables for SQL Server Data Importing
Indexing Difference between SQL Server Unique Indexes and Unique Constraints
Indexing SQL Server Maintenance Plan Reorganize Index and Update Statistics Tasks
Indexing SQL Server Maintenance Plans Rebuild Index Task
Install and Uninstall Error Installing .NET 3.5 for SQL Server
Install and Uninstall Install SQL Server from Configuration File with Installation Center
Integration Services Development Install SQL Server Integration Services in Visual Studio 2019
Integration Services Security Connecting to Integration Services Access is Denied in SQL Server 2016 or 2017
JOIN Tables Joining SQL Server tables using large character type columns
Locking and Blocking Compare Repeatable Read and Serializable SQL Server Transaction Isolation Levels
Locking and Blocking Compare SQL Server NOLOCK and READPAST Table Hints
Locking and Blocking Monitor Deadlocks in SQL Server with system_health Extended Events
Locking and Blocking Setting SQL Deadlock Priority to Control the Transaction that is Rolled Back
Locking and Blocking SQL Server UPDATE lock and UPDLOCK Table Hints
Maintenance Create a New SQL Server Maintenance Plan with the Maintenance Plan Designer
Maintenance Getting Started with SQL Server Maintenance Plans - Part 1
Maintenance SQL Server Maintenance Plan Execute T-SQL and SQL Server Agent Job Tasks
Maintenance SQL Server Maintenance Plan Shrink Database Task
Maintenance SQL Server Maintenance Plans History Cleanup Task
Maintenance SQL Server Maintenance Plans Maintenance Cleanup Task
Maintenance Transfer SQL Server Maintenance Plans Between Servers
Other Database Platforms Working with SQL Server and Snowflake NULL Functions - ISNULL, COALESCE, NULLIF
Professional Development Interview Questions Developer SQL Server Interview Questions for Developers on Querying
Referential Integrity SQL Server Referential Integrity without Foreign Keys
Restore Issues with SQL Server Permissions to Restore a Database
Restore Solve Common SQL Server Restore Issues
Snowflake Behavior of Scoped Transactions in Snowflake
Snowflake Compare Snowflake vs SQL Server GREATEST and LEAST Functions
Snowflake Convert OUTER APPLY and CROSS APPLY Joins for Snowflake using LEFT JOINS
Snowflake How Snowflake Creates and Detects Deadlocks
Snowflake Learn Snowflake Constraints Primary Key, Unique Key, Foreign Key and Not Null
Snowflake Snowflake DDL and DML Statements in Transactions compared to SQL Server - Part 2
Snowflake Snowflake for Microsoft SQL Server Developers - Transactions - Part 1
Snowflake Snowflake for SQL Server Developers - NULL Functions - Part 2
Snowflake Snowflake for SQL Server Developers - Transactions in Stored Procedures
Snowflake Snowflake SELECT Statement Capabilities
Snowflake Snowflake Temporary Tables and Transient Tables vs. SQL Temporary Tables
Snowflake Snowflake Temporary Tables vs. Transient Tables
Snowflake Useful Commands for Snowflake Transactions
Snowflake Using Stored Procedures inside Snowflake Transactions
SQL Server Configurations How to Check SQL Server Version When Service is Not Running
SQL Server Configurations Setting a fixed amount of memory for SQL Server
SQL Server Configurations SQL Server Configuration Manager Error The Parameter is Invalid
SQL Server Management Studio Debugging T-SQL Code in SQL Server Management Studio
SQL Server Management Studio Executing large scripts in SQL Server Management Studio with Insufficient Memory Failures
SQL Server Management Studio How to Install SQL Server Management Studio on your Local Computer
SQL Server Management Studio SQL Server Database Diagram Index was Outside the Bounds of the Array
SQL Server Management Studio SQL Server Management Studio Connection to Integration Services Error Class Not Registered
SQL Server Management Studio SQL Server Management Studio Tips Generating Scripts
SQL Server Management Studio SQL Server Single User Mode Connection with SQL Server Management Studio
SQL Server Management Studio Configuration SQL Server Management Studio Productivity Tips
SQL Server Management Studio Configuration SQL Server Management Studio Recovery, Reporting, Key Combinations and Efficiency Tips
System Databases Five facts about the SQL Server Master Database
System Databases Five facts about the SQL Server Model Database
System Databases Five facts about the SQL Server MSDB Database
System Databases Five Facts about the SQL Server Resource Database
System Databases Five facts about the SQL Server Tempdb Database
System Databases How to Rebuild the SQL Server Tempdb Database
System Databases Move SQL Server Files for Master Database
System Databases Move SQL Server System Database Files - Part 1
System Databases Rebuild System Databases in SQL Server
Transactions DDL commands in SQL Server with Examples for Snapshot Isolation Level
Transactions DDL commands in Transactions in SQL Server versus Oracle
Transactions Handling SQL Server transactions in nested stored procedures using Savepoints
Transactions SQL Server READ_COMMITTED_SNAPSHOT Database Option and READ COMMITED Transaction Isolation Level
Transactions Understanding SQL Server Transaction Savepoints
TSQL Compare SQL Server Features - Decimal vs Numeric, Timestamp vs Rowversion, Unique Index vs Unique Constraint
TSQL Comparing PARSEONLY and NOEXEC options in SQL Server
TSQL Comparison of SQL Server Serializable and Snapshot isolation levels
TSQL Creating a table using the SQL SELECT INTO clause - Part 1
TSQL Exploring SQL Server 2014 Table Variables
TSQL Find MAX value from multiple columns in a SQL Server table
TSQL Handling Transactions in Nested SQL Server Stored Procedures
TSQL SQL SELECT INTO Examples for New Tables - Part 2
TSQL SQL Server CASE Statement Example
TSQL SQL Server Global Temporary Table Visibility
TSQL SQL Server LIKE Syntax with Wildcard Characters
TSQL SQL Statements Where Semicolon is Required
TSQL Write more compact SQL Server code using new features
TSQL Write More Compact SQL Server Code Using New Features - Part 2
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