Ron L'Esteve

Ron L'Esteve
Ron L'Esteve is a seasoned Data Architect who holds an MBA and MSF. Ron has over 15 years of consulting experience with Microsoft Business Intelligence, data engineering, emerging cloud and big data technologies.

Ron C. L'Esteve is a Data and AI Leader and professional Author residing in Chicago, IL, USA. He is well-known for his impactful books and article publications on Azure Data & AI Architecture, Engineering, and Leadership. Ron holds a Master of Business Administration (M.B.A.) and Master of Science in Corporate Finance (M.S.F.) from Loyola University Chicago. Ron possesses deep technical skills and experience in designing, implementing, leading, and delivering modern Azure Data & AI projects for numerous clients around the world. He is a Motorola Certified Six Sigma Green Belt, a Microsoft Global Challenger, and also holds numerous additional Microsoft, Snowflake, and Databricks professional certifications in Big Data Engineering, Artificial Intelligence, Apache Spark and Data Platform Architecture.

Ron is an advocate for data excellence across industries and consulting practices and empowers self-service data, BI, and AI through his high-quality article contributions to the Microsoft technical community. With over 20 years of experience, Ron has been a trusted technology advisor, strategist, and leader for the largest and most impactful cloud digital transformation and innovation projects. He has a demonstrated history of delivering on his commitments of scaling key data architectures, defining the roadmap and strategy for the future of data and business intelligence, and challenging customers to grow by thoroughly understanding the fluid business opportunities and enabling change by translating them into high-quality and sustainable technical solutions that solve the most complex challenges and promote digital innovation and transformation. He applies a practical and business-oriented approach by taking transformational ideas from concept to scale. In addition, he has proven his capabilities in leading, advising, and mobilizing globally dispersed teams to deliver complex end-to-end Azure Data and AI opportunities successfully as an enabler of positive and impactful change by championing a growth mindset.

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Category Title
Apache Spark Getting Started with Graph Analytics Using Apache Spark's GraphFrame API
Apache Spark Real-time IoT Analytics Using Apache Sparks Structured Streaming into Databricks Delta Lake
Azure Azure Data Lake Analytics using U-SQL Queries
Azure Azure Vision Service and Face API Example with Python
Azure Create Azure Data Lake Database, Schema, Table, View, Function and Stored Procedure
Azure Creating Lakehouse ELT Jobs with Apache Spark for Azure Pipelines
Azure Design and Manage Azure SQL Data Warehouse
Azure Designing an Azure Data Lake Store Gen2
Azure Example Using C# Code with U-SQL Scripts
Azure Getting Started with Azure Purview for Data Governance
Azure Ingestion and Processing Layers in Azure Data Lakehouse
Azure Reading and Writing to Snowflake Data Warehouse from Azure Databricks using Azure Data Factory
Azure Real-Time Anomaly Detection Using Azure Stream Analytics
Azure Reporting, Advanced Analytics, CICD, and Governance in the Lakehouse
Azure Storage and Serving Layers in the Data Lakehouse
Azure Using Azure Databricks to Query Azure SQL Database
Azure Using PowerShell and Azure Blueprints to provision a Modern Data and Analytics Platform
Azure Write Federated U-SQL Queries to Join Azure Data Lake Store Files to Azure SQL DB
Azure Data Factory Azure Data Factory Data Transformation with U-SQL
Azure Data Factory Azure Data Factory Mapping Data Flow for Datawarehouse ETL
Azure Data Factory Azure Data Factory Mapping Data Flows for Big Data Lake Aggregations and Transformations
Azure Data Factory Azure Data Factory Pipeline Logging Error Details
Azure Data Factory Azure Data Factory Pipeline to fully Load all SQL Server Objects to ADLS Gen2
Azure Data Factory Azure Data Factory vs SSIS vs Azure Databricks
Azure Data Factory Create Azure Data Lake Linked Service Using Azure Data Factory
Azure Data Factory Fast Way to Load Data into Azure Data Lake using Azure Data Factory
Azure Data Factory Getting Started with Delta Lake Using Azure Data Factory
Azure Data Factory Import Data from Excel to Azure SQL Database using Azure Data Factory
Azure Data Factory Incrementally Upsert data using Azure Data Factory's Mapping Data Flows
Azure Data Factory Load Data Lake files into Azure Synapse Analytics Using Azure Data Factory
Azure Data Factory Loading Azure SQL Data Warehouse Dynamically using Azure Data Factory
Azure Data Factory Logging Azure Data Factory Pipeline Audit Data
Azure Data Factory Snowflake Data Warehouse Loading with Azure Data Factory and Databricks
Azure Databricks Advanced Databricks Lakehouse Capabilities
Azure Databricks Advanced Schema Evolution using Databricks Auto Loader
Azure Databricks Azure Databricks Access Controls and Row Level Security
Azure Databricks Bloom Filter Indexes using Databricks Delta
Azure Databricks Create a Python Wheel File to Package and Distribute Custom Code
Azure Databricks Creating Deep and Shallow Delta Clones in Azure Databricks
Azure Databricks Databricks Delta Change Data Feed
Azure Databricks Getting Started with Databricks Delta Live Tables
Azure Databricks Getting Started with Databricks Delta Sharing
Azure Databricks Getting Started with MLflow in Azure Databricks
Azure Databricks Managing Auto Loader Resources
Azure Databricks Mount an Azure Data Lake Storage Gen2 Account in Databricks
Azure Databricks Optimizing Spark Performance with Adaptive Query Execution
Azure Databricks Performance Tuning Apache Spark with Z-Ordering and Data Skipping in Azure Databricks
Azure Databricks Querying Star Schemas in Databricks with Dynamic Partition Pruning
Azure Databricks Real-Time Analytics, Advanced Analytics and Reporting in Databricks
Azure Databricks Security, Governance and CI/CD in Databricks
Azure Databricks Storage, Compute and Workspaces in Databricks
Azure Databricks Using Delta Schema Evolution in Azure Databricks
Azure Databricks Writing Databricks Notebook Code for Apache Spark Lakehouse ELT Jobs
Azure Synapse Analytics Exploring the Capabilities of Azure Synapse Spark External Tables
Azure Synapse Analytics Getting Started with Azure Synapse Analytics Hyperspace for Spark Indexing
Azure Synapse Analytics Getting Started with Azure Synapse Analytics Workspace Samples
Azure Synapse Analytics Getting Started with Azure Synapse Link for Cosmos DB
Azure Synapse Analytics Real-Time Analytics, Advanced Analytics and Reporting in Azure Synapse Analytics
Azure Synapse Analytics Security, Governance, and CI / CD in Azure Synapse Analytics Workspace
Azure Synapse Analytics Synapse Analytics vs Snowflake for Delta Format Files, Machine Learning, Table Relationships and Constraints
Azure Synapse Analytics Understanding the Capabilities of Azure Synapse Analytics Workspace
Azure Synapse Analytics Using COPY INTO command to load Azure Synapse Analytics from Azure Data Lake Storage Gen2
Big Data Realizing Business Value through an AI-driven Strategy and Culture
Data Warehousing Planning for a Cloud Data Warehouse Project
DevOps Azure Boards for Project Management
DevOps Azure DevOps CI CD using GitHub Repo and Visual Studio Azure SQL Database Project
DevOps Deploy Azure Data Factory CI/CD Changes with Azure DevOps
DevOps Deploy SQL Database from Azure DevOps with an ARM Template and DACPAC File
DevOps Getting Started with Azure Blueprints
DevOps Managing Azure Blueprints with PowerShell
DevOps Securing Secrets in Azure DevOps
DevOps Using Azure Blueprints to deploy Azure SQL Server and Database with Key Vault Secrets
DevOps Using Azure DevOps CI CD to Deploy Azure Data Factory Environments
Import and Export Flatten Semi-Structured Data with Snowflake
Integration Services Excel Using SQL Server Integration Services to Generate Excel Files Based on Criteria
Other Database Platforms Understanding the Capabilities of Snowflake
Professional Development Career Part 1: Understanding the Responsibilities of a Successful Data and AI Leader
Professional Development Career Part 2: Understanding the Responsibilities of a Successful Data and AI Leader
Professional Development Certifications Prepare for Microsoft AI 100 Exam
Professional Development Interviewing How to Ace an Azure Data Engineer Interview
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