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Artificial intelligence is a highly lucrative, competitive, and niche field with above-average job growth. A career in AI requires both advanced technical training and hands-on experience. While there are many certifications, trainings, and courses available to help with preparing for a career in AI, the Microsoft Certified: AI Engineer Associate is a certification which covers AI specializations in the Microsoft Azure Platform.

With AI being at the forefront of many modern technology stacks including the Azure Data & AI Platform, there is immense value in investing the time and effort in pursuing the Microsoft Certified: AI Engineer Associate credential by taking the AI-100 Exam. While Microsoft provides a downloadable Exam Skills Outline, how else can we learn more about available resources, links, and study materials that could be used to prepare for this AI-100 exam?


There are a few online free and paid resources available to assist with preparing for the AI-100 exam. In this article, I will attempt to consolidate some of these useful resources and provide useful tips to help with preparing for the AI-100 exam.

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There is quite a lot of material that is covered in the AI-100 exam. Candidates are expected to understand how to analyze, recommend, design, implement, and monitor a variety of AI solutions based on customer needs and requirements.

The journey to becoming a Microsoft Certified: Azure AI Engineer Associate includes preparation, hands-on training, experience, and ultimately passing the required exam to earn your certification.

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The sample architecture diagram below illustrates some of the considerations to account for while designing and implementing an Azure AI Solution.

ai architecture diagram

AI-100 Skills Measured

There are numerous skills that will be measured as part of the AI-100 Exam. The skills outline below includes links to relevant Microsoft related articles that will help with exam preparation.

Analyze Solution Requirements (25-30%)

Recommend Cognitive Services APIs to Meet Business Requirements

Map Security Requirements to Tools, Technologies, and Processes

Select the Software, Services, and Storage Required to Support a Solution

Design AI Solutions (40-45%)

Design Solutions That Include One or More Pipelines

Design Solutions that use Cognitive Services

Design Solutions that Implement the Bot Framework

Design the Compute Infrastructure to Support a Solution

Design for Data Governance, Compliance, Integrity, and Security

Implement and Monitor AI Solutions (25-30%)

Implement an AI Workflow

Integrate AI Services with Solution Components

Monitor and Evaluate the AI Environment

AI-100 Exam Preparation Resources

In addition to preparing for the AI-100 Exam by studying the Microsoft articles outlined in the previous skills section, there are also numerous free and paid resources available to assist and supplement the exam preparation process. In this section, I have included a few of these available resources that will help with preparing for AI-100.

  • Microsoft's Learn Platform: There are around 58 free learning modules for the AI Engineer track including the basics of Azure, AI, and as numerous hours of free hands-on technical modules to help prepare for AI-100.
ai engineer
  • Microsoft's Hands-On with AI: To get more hands on with AI, check out Microsoft's Hand-On with AI website and dive in to interactive demos that showcase a selection of the capabilities of the Microsoft AI platform.
hands on with ai
  • Pluralsight Courses: With a free 7-day trial, Pluralsight offers 14 courses to help prepare for AI-100 that can be completed in around 26 hours.
microsoft azure ai engineer
  • Udemy Exam Prep Resources: There are a number of reasonably priced courses and exam prep material available at Udemy to help prepare for the AI-100 exam.
microsoft ai courses
  • GitHub Labs: This is one of many available GitHub repos that contain detailed hands-on labs to help prepare for AI-100.
git hub engineer

Glossary of Useful Terms

Finally, here is a list of useful terms (along with clickable links) that may appear on the AI-100 exam in some shape or form. Be sure to have a basic understanding of these terms and how they fit into the design and implementation of an Azure AI Solution.

Glossary of Terms
Azure Data Factory
Azure Data lake storage Gen 2
Azure Blob Storage
Azure SQL Database
Azure Synapse Analytics
Azure Cosmos DB
Azure Table Storage
Azure HDInsight
Azure Stream Analytics
Azure Function
Azure Event Hubs
Azure Event Grid
Azure Logic Apps
Azure App Service
Azure Databrick
Azure Compliance
Azure Active Directory (Azure AD)
Azure Policy
Microsoft Azure Machine Learning Studio
Azure Container Instance
Azure IoT Hub
Azure IoT Edge
Azure Monitor
Application Insights
Azure Bot Service
Azure Kubernetes
Azure Computer Vision
Azure Custom Vision
Video Indexer
Content Moderator
Anomaly Detector
Language Understanding (LUIS)
Speaker Recognition API
Speech Service
Text Analytics
QnA Maker
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