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Using rowversion with SQL Server Integration Services to reduce load times
You want to reduce the load time of your SSIS packages, but you found that the source of the problem is that you are doing full comparisons between your source system and your destination. Perhaps you've come to find that your source system has been difficult for you to detect when data changes have occurred.
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SQL Server Analysis Services Period over Period Variance Analysis
Often when working with OLAP cubes, the main "access" point will be an Excel pivot table. While utilizing OLAP cubes, end users will frequently want to compare two values from different periods in order to quantify some variance analysis processes; however the creation of calculations within OLAP based Excel pivot tables is not allowed.  In this tip we look at the functionality that is available to make these comparisons.
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Taking on your first SQL Server Business Intelligence project
SQL Server Analysis Services has been around for quite some time, but for some reason there are many of us who still have not taken the steps to implement Analysis Services. In this webcast, we will discuss various aspects of implementing Analysis Services such as the data model, the terminology, the SQL Server toolset and we also walk through an example of how you can get up and running with a lot less effort than you ever imagined.

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