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Creating a Tabbed Report in SSRS
Have you ever struggled with creating tabs for a SQL Server Reporting Services report? If yes, then you will most likely know that SQL Server Reporting Services does not provide any built in feature to accomplish this task. Finding a suitable solution can be very tricky. In this tip we show how this can be done.
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SQL Server Integration Services package to delete files from a Network or Local path based on date
We have a requirement to delete a group of files that are older than the specified number of days from the company file share. This file share stores sensitive clients extracts (produced by DBAs as part of client’s SQL Server Agent extract jobs), database backups, scanned emails, etc. Moreover, due to the complex folder hierarchy and delicate nature of the data stored in these files, this task has to be originated from SQL Server. However, due to
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Evolution of SQL Server Self Service Business Intelligence
Learn how Reporting has evolved into Business Intelligence (BI) on the SQL Server platform then determine how your current solution measures up. In this session, we will discuss the self-service BI continuum along with the associated technology options, challenges, opportunities and more. Learn the best practices from the field to overcome some common challenges for getting reporting out to the user community.

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