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SSIS - Configure a source flat file with a fixed width from an existing table
SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) can import data from a fixed width flat text file (i.e. no field delimiters), using the Flat File Source component. When importing this type of file, you must set the field names, field widths, and starting positions ahead of time. Typing in this information when there are only a handful of fields is not too burdensome, but when there are hundreds of fields, manually configuring and validating each field can
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SSRS deploying reports using RS.EXE command line video
In this video tip we cover using the tool to deploy a report from your local directory to a report server. The utility has two required arguments:
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Evolution of SQL Server Self Service Business Intelligence
Learn how Reporting has evolved into Business Intelligence (BI) on the SQL Server platform then determine how your current solution measures up. In this session, we will discuss the self-service BI continuum along with the associated technology options, challenges, opportunities and more. Learn the best practices from the field to overcome some common challenges for getting reporting out to the user community.

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