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Using Many-to-Many Relationships in Multidimensional SQL Server Analysis Services
When looking at data most relationships are one to many, but what about more complex many to many relationships. What can be done in Dimensional Modeling and Multidimensional Analysis Services to handle this request? Read more to find out.
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Securing Your SSIS Packages Using Package Protection Level
I've noticed that SSIS packages have a property called ProtectionLevel with several possible values. Can you provide an explanation of the available options and examples of how they are used? In this tip we take a look at each of these protection levels and how they can be used.
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Evolution of SQL Server Self Service Business Intelligence
Learn how Reporting has evolved into Business Intelligence (BI) on the SQL Server platform then determine how your current solution measures up. In this session, we will discuss the self-service BI continuum along with the associated technology options, challenges, opportunities and more. Learn the best practices from the field to overcome some common challenges for getting reporting out to the user community.

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