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Working Effectively with SQL Server Recruiters
An earlier article discussed ways to Evaluate Recruiters to partner with in your job search. However, a lot of candidates struggle with capitalizing on working with Recruiters once they initiate communication. Read this article to suggestions on how to work effectively with recruiters.
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Improve your knowledge by attending PASS Summit
Nobody knows everything about SQL Server. There are plenty of folks who know a whole lot, and there are even some who only pretend they do; however, no matter your skill level, there is always something more to learn and there is always someone you can learn from. But how do you arrange for this to happen?
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Ten Security Tips for SQL Server
What can you, as the DBA, do to make sure your instances are secure and stay secure? What happens when best practices collide with real world needs? What is useful and what is ‘security theater’? If you’ve ever asked those questions, this is the presentation for you! We’ll look at ten useful security tips and practices, discuss why they are a good idea (even if they are not considered a ‘best practice’) and show you how to implement them at the
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