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For Managers Only - 10 Tips for an Effective SQL Server Interview Process
Identifying quality talent is tough as it is. It can also be a challenge to adequately assess a candidate’s skills and qualifications during the interview process. In addition to evaluating a candidate’s technical competencies, how do you ensure they’ll be a culture fit for your team and environment? What are some steps you can take to ensure you have an effective interview process that will determine if the candidate is a fit both technically an
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Fond memories of SQL PASS
Check out my fond memories of SQL PASS and be on the lookout for me this year in Charlotte...
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Branding Yourself as a SQL Server Professional

Have you ever thought about how you brand and market yourself via in-person or online? Have you thought about how you could engage in “intentional branding” strategies to create your professional brand? In this 1 hour session, we’ll discuss:

1. The concept and importance of branding

2. How you can apply branding concepts to develop skills and further your career

3. 4 Steps in ‘Brand Developmen

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