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  Controlling Windows and SQL Server Services using Windows PowerShell
  Handling Windows Processes using Windows PowerShell for SQL Server
  Invoke Nz Powershell script similar to Nz VBA function
  SQL Server Video to Rename and Move a File using PowerShell
  Video of 6 Useful PowerShell Scripts to Help SQL Server DBAs and Developers
  Video on Text Mining SQL Server Data Using PowerShell
  Complete Common SQL Server Database Administration Tasks In Parallel with PowerShell V3 WorkFlow
  One Line PowerShell Solutions To Common SQL Server DBA Tasks
Analysis Services
  Using PowerShell for SQL Server Analysis Services tasks - Part 1
  Get Total Line Counts for all SQL Server Source Objects Using PowerShell
  Backup SQL Server Databases with a Windows PowerShell Script
  Check the Last SQL Server Backup Date using Windows PowerShell
  PowerShell changes for database backups in SQL Server 2012
  Retrieve Default SQL Server Backup Folder using PowerShell
  Using PowerShell for SQL Server Database Backups
  Using PowerShell for SQL Server Transaction Log Backups
  Enable PowerShell on Windows Server 2008 R2 Core Edition
  Enable Powershell Remoting on SQL Server Instances
  Reading Text Files With PowerShell For Configurations Part I
  Setting the PowerShell Execution Policy
  SQL Server Database Connectivity Testing Using PowerShell
  Consider New Ideas for SQL Server Data Analysis
Database Configurations
  Generating SQL Scripts using Windows PowerShell
  Retrieve a List of SQL Server Databases and their Properties using PowerShell
  Check SQL Server Database Consistency and Backups Without Impacting Performance
  Iterating through SQL Servers and database objects with PowerShell
  Using PowerShell With Configuration Tables in SQL Server
Error Handling
  Error handling with try-catch-finally in PowerShell for SQL Server
  Introduction into handling errors in PowerShell for SQL Server tasks
  Try Catch Finally with Powershell
  Using PowerShell to access event logs for SQL Server
File System
  6 Useful PowerShell Scripts to Help SQL Server DBAs and Developers
  Parsing all the files in a directory using PowerShell
  PowerShell script to find files that are consuming the most disk space
  Rename and Move a File with PowerShell in a SQL Server Agent Job
  Using a PowerShell Script to delete old files for SQL Server
Foreign Keys
  Drop and Re-Create All Foreign Key Constraints in a SQL Server database using PowerShell
Free Space
  Monitor SQL Server Disk Space Using PowerShell
Import and Export
  Extract and convert all Excel worksheets into CSV files using PowerShell
  Extracting API Data Using PowerShell and Loading into SQL Server
  SQL Server Video Automating Flat File Imports using PowerShell
  SQL Server Video to Extract All Excel Worksheets into individual CSV files
  SQL Server Video Validate File Properties Prior to Importing Data
  Monitor a SQL Server Cluster using PowerShell
  And here starts the Powershell Series
  Introducing PowerShell V2 Remoting for SQL Server
  Introduction to Windows PowerShell for the SQL Server DBA Part 1
  Introduction to Windows PowerShell for the SQL Server DBA Part 2
  Powershell Series #1 Setting up Powershell
  PowerShell Support in SQL Server 2008 with the Invoke Sqlcmd Cmdlet
  Using PowerShell with SQL Server Management Objects (SMO)
  Improve PowerShell SMO Performance for SQL Server
  PowerShell to automate multiple database SQL Server restores to refresh environments
  Restore-SqlDb Automate a SQL Server Database Restore improved with Powershell
  Scheduling a SQL Server PowerShell script using the Task Scheduler
  Executing scripts on multiple servers by SQL Server version and edition using PowerShell
  Connect to SQL Server via Windows PowerShell with SQL Server authentication
  Find SQL Server Instances Across Your Network Using Windows PowerShell
  Using PowerShell to Pull SQL Server Services Configuration Information
SQL Server Agent
  Checking SQL Server Agent jobs using Windows PowerShell
  Disable or Enable SQL Server Agent Jobs using PowerShell
  Modifying SQL Server Agent Settings Using PowerShell
  Drive inventory for clustered SQL Server instances using PowerShell
  How to find a specific text string in a SQL Server Stored Procedure, Function, View or Trigger
  PowerShell and T-SQL Regular Expression Examples for SQL Server
  Removing HTML tags from text data using PowerShell
Transaction Logs
  Check SQL Server Virtual Log Files Using PowerShell
  Determine Minimum Possible Size to Shrink the SQL Server Transaction Log File

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