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Auto Fix SQL Server Transactional Replication Error 20598 for DELETEs
From time to time you may see replication error 20598 for DELETEs. This a pain to fix manually and we often do not want to resort to having to redo the snapshot or skip the error. In this tip I show how you can deal with this error.
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Steps to Check the Host Name for a Clustered SQL Server Instance
While troubleshooting a SQL Server cluster failover issue, it is essential to know the time needed for the cluster failover and the node name where SQL Server was running before the failover occurred. In this tip, I will show you the different options to find the failover time and node name where SQL Server was running before the failover over.
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SQL Server Database Security Best Practices

With the numerous data breaches that are popping up in the news all the time, we as SQL Server Professionals need to take a hard look at our environment and make the most out of the native SQL Server features available to us.  Nobody wants to see your company in the news for the wrong reasons.  But should you only be concerned about external threats?

When working with customers, I see security taki

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