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SQL Server Monitoring with Powershell and the SQL Server Platform: Data Processing (Part 2 of 3)
As a DBA you need to constantly take care of performance realted issues before performance degrades to a point where it is noticeable and a problem to the business. There are several tools and ways to collect performance related metrics and in this series of tips we’ll demonstrate the ways to build a centralized, integrated and flexible data collection and analysis system. In Part1 I've demonstrated usage of PowerShell scripts to collect perform
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SQL Server Cursor Example
In my T-SQL code I always use set based operations. I have been told these types of operations are what SQL Server is designed to process and it should be quicker than serial processing. I know cursors exist but I am not sure how to use them. Can you provide some cursor examples? Can you give any guidance on when to use cursors? I assume Microsoft created them for a reason so they must have a place where they can be used in an efficient mann
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Is HA pitting SQL Database Admins against VM Admins? Keeping the Peace with SANLess clusters.
Moving SQL Server to a VM environment has a very real impact on the IT staff involved. To provide the high availability (HA) protection this mission critical app requires, SQL Admins may have to work closely with VM Admins. If performance suffers, the relationship can quickly become contentious. In this informative webinar, SQL Server MVP and VMware Vexpert, David Klee will review four common use cases that pit SQL Admins against VM Admins when S
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