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Executing scripts on multiple servers by SQL Server version and edition using PowerShell
I maintain different SQL Server environments by version and was curious if you had any useful approaches to automating and obtaining scripts depending on the version of SQL Server. In this tip we show how to use PowerShell to help identify what scripts to run based on SQL server version and edition.
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SQL Server Cursor Example
In my T-SQL code I always use set based operations. I have been told these types of operations are what SQL Server is designed to process and it should be quicker than serial processing. I know cursors exist but I am not sure how to use them. Can you provide some cursor examples? Can you give any guidance on when to use cursors? I assume Microsoft created them for a reason so they must have a place where they can be used in an efficient mann
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Surviving Your Audits: Comprehensive Security Management

This demonstration will focus on the abilities of Idera's SQL Compliance Manager and Idera's SQL Secure as a comprehensive SQL Server auditing, security and alerting solution.

The presentation is geared for both the DBA or accidental DBA - whether you monitor a handful of instances or hundreds, the overview will show you how you can make better use of your time and life easier when it comes to your SQL Server environment.

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