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What is the community saying about MSSQLTips.com?

Do I love MSSQLTips.com???  What question is that… Of course I LOVE MSSQLTips.com!  You guys do an amazing job.  I have learned a lot from this community. Every time that I have a question or issue I check MSSQLTips.com.  Thank you very much for all your tips, training, everything. YOU GUYS ARE THE BEST.
  Pam Davila  

MSSQLTips.com is like oxygen for a SQL Server DBA.  If I don't read the morning email, my day is not started.
  Atul Mathur - SQL Server DBA  

Love this site - and newsletters! I'm very new SQL Server and really appreciate the scope of your community. Even though there is a LOT of high level tips and articles, I do find at least one really good tip in each issue that's written for someone new to the technology. I also appreciate that you write for the various consumers of the information - DBA's, BA's, data analysts, etc. Even though I tend to stick with the tips regarding my level of consumption of databases - I do read some of the other tips and it gives a nice peek into the work challenges others have.
  Shiann Shipp  

MSSQLTips.com has been so great...I appreciate the content very much. I wish I was contributing to the technology community as freely as the authors of this wonderful site.  I would recommend someone starting out to read/study one tip per day...and before you know it you have the makings of a super star SQL developer/admin!
  Ray Giacalone  

I was an Oracle PL/SQL Developer for 13 years and then took a position as a SQL Server Developer. Although there is some overlap in the two technologies, there are some big differences also. MSSQLTips.com has been a great resource to learn more about SQL Server and how to be a better Developer. I love it when I learn something that one of our experienced Developers doesn't know! Especially love the newsletters, but I visit the site and attend webcasts as well.
  Deborah F. – SQL Server Developer  

I love the format of the short daily newsletter. The synopsis accompanying each tip provides just the right amount of information to help me decide if I want to read the tip or skip to the next one. Thanks for organizing all the tips on your website in a structured manner. Keep up the good work on educating start-ups like me!
  Melville Pereira  

I really like MSSQLTips.com.  I watch as many of the webcasts that you offer as I can. I read the tips in my email every day, they always contain something relevant and useful to me. Thanks very much.
  Denise McMillan  

I enjoy the newsletter very much. A very good mix of content that proves to be useful as either a good refresher or timely help on a current issue.
  Joe White  

MSSQL Tips.com has been an invaluable resource for me. I am a long way from being proficient in SQL Server, but have to respond to our client’s questions regarding SQL Server frequently. Could not do my job effectively without this great resource.
  Lyle Varnes  

There are a few good SQL server resources out there. MSSQLTips, I feel is one of the best.  Most times I'm looking for something and I find it on MSSQLTips.  Even browsing through the site I find good stuff that I can use or it just interests me to give it a try.  All this plus the live free webcasts.  Glad to know MSSQLTips is here with great information on enhancing my skills and new learning.

  David Yard - SQL Server DBA  

Your MSSQL Tips Website...It's first rate. I'm a career software engineer/part-time DBA turned full-time DBA about 4 years ago. I keep ending up on your website through various web searches. The information you provide is always excellent, clear, useful, informative, with good examples. I've signed up for your newsletter. I'm looking forward to receiving it.

  Lee Crain, SQL Server DBA  

If you're looking for a good source of daily advice and technical tips, I suggest you check out MSSQLTips.com. This resource is brought to you by Edgewood Solutions, a top-notch SQL Server product and services vendor. Edgewood has a couple notable talented SQL Server experts on staff whose work I've been following for a while now - Jeremy Kadlec and Greg Robidoux. I've been subscribing for a couple weeks now and find it to be a great resource. Enjoy!

  Kevin Kline - SQL PASS Past President