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Edgewood Solutions Free Learning - SQL Server HA and DR strategies that can cut your TCO by $800,000

By: Edgewood Solutions - 4/24/2014

Ben Snaidero How column COLLATION can affect SQL Server query performance

By: Ben Snaidero - 4/24/2014

Brian P ODwyer Gather information from VMware vCenter VCDB about SQL Server

By: Brian P ODwyer - 4/23/2014

Simon Liew Understanding SQL Server Log Sequence Numbers for Backups

By: Simon Liew - 4/22/2014

Tim Smith Rename and Move a File with PowerShell in a SQL Server Agent Job

By: Tim Smith - 4/21/2014

Daniel Farina Options to Move a Big SQL Server Database to a New Drive with Minimal Downtime

By: Daniel Farina - 4/18/2014

Aaron Bertrand Use Extended Events to Get More Information About failed SQL Server Login Attempts

By: Aaron Bertrand - 4/17/2014

Scott Murray SQL Server Analysis Services Perspectives

By: Scott Murray - 4/16/2014

Brady Upton SQL Server Transaction Log Tutorial

By: Brady Upton - 4/15/2014

Brian P ODwyer Finding Primary Replicas for SQL Server 2012 Availability Groups with PowerShell

By: Brian P ODwyer - 4/14/2014

K. Brian Kelley How to Audit for SQL Server Users in Contained Databases

By: K. Brian Kelley - 4/11/2014

Andy Novick Prevent multiple users from running the same SQL Server stored procedure at the same time

By: Andy Novick - 4/10/2014

K. Brian Kelley How come I can create SQL Server objects but not access these objects

By: K. Brian Kelley - 4/9/2014

Aaron Bertrand Enforce SQL Server Database Naming Conventions Using DDL Triggers

By: Aaron Bertrand - 4/8/2014

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