SQL Injection: What it is, how it happens and how to stop it?

HexaTier sponsored on-demand webinar

Webcast Abstract

SQL Injection is an all too common problem for SQL Server based applications and competing database platforms alike.  SQL Injection can compromise the integrity of your database and/or application due to incorrect application security and insufficient data validation prior to issuing your code.  In this web cast, we will outline common misconceptions related to SQL Injection, how easily SQL Injection can cause havoc and best practices to prevent your SQL Server database from being compromised.

In this session we are going to cover the following topics:

  • Who is the enemy?
  • What is SQL Injection?
  • Is SQL Injection still an issue?
  • SQL Injection in action
  • Prevention Methods
  • How are SQL Injection attacks executed?
  • What damage can SQL Injection attacks cause?
  • How do we fend off attacks in code and SQL Server?

Speaker - K. Brian Kelley and David Maman

K. Brian Kelley is a SQL Server author, columnist and Microsoft MVP focusing primarily on SQL Server and Windows security. In addition to being a database administrator, he has served as an infrastructure and security architect encompassing solutions with Citrix, virtualization, and Active Directory. Brian is also a Certified Information Systems Auditor (CISA).

David Maman is a recognized international expert in computer security advising companies on threat management, real-time network protection, advanced network design, and security architecture. In addition to his bachelorís and masterís degrees in computer science, David confesses to being heavily self-taughtóa quality that has served him well in this highly dynamic industry.

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