Donít Be the Next Data Breach - How to Secure SQL Server in the Cloud

DH2i sponsored on-demand webinar

Webcast Abstract

Setting up a SQL Server in the cloud or across multiple sites is easy. Connecting to those services securely, however, is a complex, risky, and often costly endeavor. There's a good reason network security has been a problem for multi-site and/or cloud IT operations: there hasn't been a simple, cost-effective and secure means of connecting these services. Until now.

In this webinar, we'll show you how to use DxOdyssey to create discreet, encrypted, application-specific tunnels to secure your multi-site/multi-cloud operations. We'll create tunnels for:

  • Secure connections to a SQL Server instance running in Azure
  • A highly-available cross-platform SQL Server Availability Group across 3 sites: on-premises, AWS, and Azure

...all without opening any vulnerable external ports, configuring a cumbersome and costly VPN, or paying out the nose for a direct link.

Speaker - Connor Cox

Connor Cox is a technical business development executive with extensive experience assisting customers transform their IT capabilities to better secure their infrastructure and maximize business value. As an enterprise IT strategist, Connor helps organizations achieve the highest overall IT service availability, protect against security threats, and minimize TCO.

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