High Availability Protection for Critical SQL Server Applications: The Human Factor

SIOS sponsored on-demand webinar

Webcast Abstract

Providing SQL Server high availability and disaster recovery protection, on-premises or in the cloud, does not have to be a complicated endeavor. HA and DR processes should be in place for every production database, yet not all have to follow the same protocols.

It's important to understand not only your application and database needs for HA and DR, but also the roles within your organization to make sure recovery and availability processes are in place for a quick and timely recovery with as little downtime as possible.

Whether you are building an IT team or simply trying to improve your IT organization, this webinar will discuss the importance of understanding your environment and team roles as well as training, documentation and communicating effectively to reach your HA and DR goals efficiently. After all, tools are only as good as the team using them.

Attend this free webinar to make sure your SQL Server applications and databases have all the right people and processes in place to minimize any unnecessary downtime.

Speaker - Dave Bermingham, Sandi Hamilton and Allyson Sandifer

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