Best Practices for SQL Server Maintenance

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Webcast Abstract

Proper maintenance of a SQL Server requires several steps that need to run in harmony. From backups, corruption checks, index maintenance, data archiving, pruning system tables -- along with all the different options available -- it can be overwhelming!

This session will explain what types of things need to be done such as:

  • backups and backup options
  • index maintenance
  • integrity checks
  • shrinking files
  • reviewing SQL and OS logs
  • reviewing maintenance report files
  • monitoring and alerting of these tasks
  • troubleshooting
  • and automation
We will cover the steps to what should be done along with suggested best practices. We will cover a few different methods to implement these processes along with some advice for what order and how often to perform them. Equally important, it will cover some steps that should NOT be taken despite what some of the wizards might tell you.

Whether you are new to SQL Server or just looking for a refresher, this session is for you.

Speaker - Eric Blinn

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