Building a Proper SQL Server Database Security Model

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Webcast Abstract

You've been asked to assist with designing or improving the security model for a SQL Server database. How do you go about doing this? What are the things you should look at? What can make a tangible difference?

In this webinar we'll look at the two paths for securing a database: a home-grown application versus supporting the database for a third-party application.

We'll first walk through the home-grown application where we are designing the database from scratch. In this design phase we'll talk through the important features SQL Server gives us which allows us to build the security model we need. Then, with an understanding of those features, we'll look at how to apply those design principles to existing databases, whether they are home-grown and already deployed or belong to third-party applications. As part of considering that third-party application scenario, we'll also talk about the options your organization has based on actual practice.

In both paths we'll focus on the Principle of Least Privilege while attempting to keep the security model as simple as possible. In addition, we'll talk about what you can do to protect sensitive or PII data, whether through permissions, encryption, or a combination of both.

Speaker - K. Brian Kelley

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