A Powerful and Secure Alternative to SSIS

DreamFactory sponsored on-demand webinar

Webcast Abstract

SSIS is the de facto solution for SQL Server data integration and transformation. However, standard ETL processes are typically slow and result in data that is not always current which impedes decision making and business processes. Organizations are increasingly in need of better performing real-time data access without sacrificing critical access controls and data activity monitoring.

In this webinar we’ll provide an example-driven introduction to DreamFactory’s database extraction and transformation capabilities, illustrating just a few ways organizations around the world use DreamFactory to conveniently access their SQL Server database silos as a better alternative to SSIS.

Come learn about:

  • Real-Time Data Transformation using DreamFactory’s Scripting Engine
  • A Better Solution for Aggregating Data from Multiple Databases with Data Mesh
  • Securing and Centralized Monitoring of Data Access
  • And more...

Join us for this demo centric session to learn how to achieve real time data access, reduce IO, slash ETL processing time and improve overall performance in a secure manner.

Speaker - Jason Gilmore

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