A Beginners Guide to SQL Server Monitoring

dbWatch sponsored on-demand webinar

Webcast Abstract

Monitoring is more than a little complicated. You might need to know what is going on right now, what was going on while you were at lunch, or any of a dozen trends over the past year. You want to measure how things are performing, but you also need to know when things are going wrong - jobs failing, deadlocks, and timeouts are just some of the things we need to check on sooner rather than later.

Monitoring also includes alerting (or should!) and alerting is hard to do well. Most of us have too many alerts and too many that we ignore, fixing that takes discipline and confidence that you won't miss something really important! I always recommend buying a monitoring solution vs building one, but that's not always an option and sometimes we need to augment even the best monitoring solution with some we build on our own.

We'll talk about the most common monitoring scenarios your solution needs to support and take a tour of all the monitoring that is built in - error logs, health events, and a few more, things that are always there for you. We will also learn about a solution from dbWatch that will streamline SQL Server monitoring saving you precious time.

Speaker - Andy Warren and Per Christopher Undheim

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