Writing efficient code for SQL Server Based Applications

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Webcast Abstract

Writing SQL code can be quite easy once you have some basic experience, but one of the downfalls is writing code that works but maybe is not the most efficient or the right approach.

Itís easy to get in the habit of using the same techniques over and over again, but are you writing code that does the job and also performs well? Is your code something you wrote or something you copied and modified over time and therefore you never learned other approaches?

In this webinar we will take a look at things you should be aware of when writing SQL code for your database applications. There are many things to take advantage of in SQL Server such as functions, stored procedures, triggers, indexes, CTEs, temp tables and more as well as options for tuning code. We will cover various topics that should be part of your overall development practices that will help with your future database application projects.

Speaker - Brian Kelley & Mathew Phan

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