The Great Resignation and the Impact on IT

SIOS sponsored on-demand webinar

Webcast Abstract

The Great Resignation has led to the Great Re-evaluation and the Great Re-imagination for many companies, leaders and workers. This has wide-reaching impact on many companies in many different areas as well as crucial roles that pertain to IT functions. In this webinar, join us for a panel discussion as we discuss the Great Resignation.

Some of the areas we will cover include:

  • Key statistics that drove people to label the significant increase in voluntary turnover as the Great Resignation, including who is impacted the most
  • What does this mean to IT teams?
  • How vulnerable are companies that rely on critical applications for important business process?
  • What can IT managers do to mitigate their risk?
  • Prevent IT personnel from leaving
  • Strategies for protecting critical applications

Speaker - Erica Woods, Cate Murray, Darin Stevenson and Greg Tucker

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