Efficient monitoring and management of SQL Server farms

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Webcast Abstract

SQL Server DBAs are being asked to monitor and manage a constantly growing number of instances. Properly addressing these needs from a technical, business and user perspective is time consuming and stressful while leaving many issues unnoticed until it is too late. Without the right tools in place, it is next to impossible to know which databases are experiencing issues resulting in constant firefighting.

dbWatch understands these challenges and has built Control Center from the ground up to enable any organization with significant database server farms to monitor more instances, better, and with less cost and effort. Regardless of the size of your SQL Server environment, or if you run on-prem, cloud or a hybrid environment, dbWatch Control Center can be a great addition to manage your environment.

Come learn about the top 5 ways dbWatch Control Center helps DBAs and IT departments provide cost-efficient, high-quality database services on Microsoft SQL Server including:

  • Productive and efficient DBA workflows: monitoring, alerting, analytics, fix/manage, report
  • Farm views: provide the big, top-down picture and overviews for resource allocation, consolidation, and optimization across the farm
  • Highly customizable and adaptable: views, dashboards, jobs/tasks, reports and alerting
  • Cost-effective: single, common tool across all platforms, fewer tools, less training, less maintenance, less cost, more shared DBA resources and experiences
  • Unprecedented Scalability: Horizontal (across all platforms) and vertical (across all instances)

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Speaker - Per Christopher Undheim

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