Validating and Enriching SQL Server data with Unison

Melissa sponsored on-demand webinar

Webcast Abstract

Data has a great value when it is clean, however many datasets are plagued with invalid, inaccurate, and duplicate records. With Unison by Melissa, tackling these issues in Microsoft SQL Server environments is a breeze! SQL Server DBAs, Data Stewards or Business Users can easily Validate, Enrich, and Dedupe new and existing datasets without the need for technical expertise. Unison by Melissa is easy to use and set up, designed from the ground up for an easy to use experience providing maximum benefits with minimal time invested.


  • Learn how to Validate and Enrich Address Data
  • Learn how to Validate and Enrich Phone and Email Data
  • Learn how to handle various data types
  • Learn how to easily import, process, and export flat files

Speaker - John DeMatteo

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