The Advantages of SQL Server Snapshots

Pure Storage sponsored on-demand webinar

Webcast Abstract

Database snapshots are a great feature of SQL Server that are often underutilized. This feature of SQL Server allows for the instant creation of a point-in-time copy of a database that can then be used for several purposes such as reporting, auditing, refreshing Dev and Test environments, etc. At the point of creation, the snapshot is a read-only static view of the database, but a database snapshot also allows for data modifications that won’t affect the database from which the snapshot was created.

In addition, SQL Server has the ability to execute snapshots at a granularity level not possible with the Volume Shadow Copy Service (VSS), so snapshots are definitely a feature you should be using in your environment.

Come join us for this webinar to learn:

  • Why and how to use snapshots
  • How to simplify complex workflows with snapshots
  • How to easily replicate a snapshot to Dev/Test environments
  • How to create and manage snapshots with T-SQL
  • How to utilize PowerShell SDKs to extend functionality
  • And more…

Speaker - Robert Quimby

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