Database Monitoring and Management - Manage more, better and for less

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Webcast Abstract

As database environments grow more complex and DBA resources are scarcer, IT organizations face many challenges to properly support the demands of the business units. Multiple database platforms, tools and time-consuming troubleshooting only increases the complexities, costs and ITís efficiency. dbWatch recognizes these challenges. With Control Center, it is possible to monitor and manage more instances on various platforms with greater efficiency. Control Center is an integrated all-in-one solution, providing more effective workflows for DBAs, ultimately saving time and cost by reducing the number of tools to one single solution to install, learn and maintain.

In this session you will learn:

  • What this efficient unified DBA workflow solution is that monitors, manages, maintains, reports, analyzes and optimizes performance
  • How to dramatically reduce DBAs workload on routine database tasks
  • How to simplify management of SQL Server alongside Oracle, MySQL and other platforms on-prem and in the cloud in one solution
  • How to prioritize and correct database issues across your infrastructure
  • How to reduce DBA costs while scaling your database environment to meet business needs

Come check out dbWatch to learn how to take advantage of this fast, flexible and efficient solution that will enable you to manage more, better and for less.

Speaker - Per Christopher Undheim

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