A Beginners Guide to Query Store

SolarWinds sponsored on-demand webinar

Webcast Abstract

Like many others, you installed SQL Server 2022, created a new database, and suddenly saw this new "Query Store" node. Where did that come from and what do I do with it?! Fret not, Microsoft wouldn't put it in there if it wasn't helpful for us? Right? Right! Even though Query Store was introduced in SQL Server 2016, SQL Server 2022 took it a step further for it to be enabled for new databases. Because of this, every DBA and DB developer will want to have a cursory knowledge of what it is and what value it can provide.

In this talk, we'll teach you how to work with Query Store and begin to leverage the treasure trove of information that it contains. We'll start by introducing the high-level concepts of Query Store and how it works in your SQL Server 2022 databases. Once we set the foundation, a straightforward UI demo will walk through how Query Store can be configured and optimized. Lastly, we'll explore the variety of reports and queries available to us to dive into the high-value data that's being collected.

Come join us to level up on your SQL Server 2022 knowledge by understanding how Query Store can help understand your environment better!

Speaker - Brandon Tucker

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