Achieving Resilience in Building Management and Security Systems: Essential Strategies for SQL Server High Availability

SIOS sponsored on-demand webinar

Webcast Abstract

Building Management & Security hinges on critical applications and data, and any interruption could be catastrophic. The high availability and disaster recovery strategies and solutions that you employ can truly have an impact on your BMS environment. From video management to electronic surveillance, power management, and more learn how you can ensure your systems remain available through unplanned failures, network glitches, and even site-wide disasters.

We'll discuss real-world use cases, our partner, Milestone, verified solutions, and showcase the tangible benefits of embracing high availability solutions tailored to the unique challenges of BMS. Whether you're a seasoned IT pro or new to BMS, this webinar promises actionable insights to help you set up a rock-solid SQL Server environment, ensure your systems stay up no matter what, and keep your BMS applications available.

Speaker - Todd Doane

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