Best Practices for Cloud-Based Modern .NET Apps and SQL Server

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Webcast Abstract

Developers have been building business-critical .NET applications that use SQL Server on premises for years, and there are well established patterns and practices that have emerged. Now, teams have begun modernizing their .NET applications and moving to secure, scalable cloud-based platforms such as containers and serverless functions, and modern architectures like microservice-based applications.

A new set of best practices have emerged to accommodate this new generation of applications. In this interactive session, enhance your skills with some new techniques to get the best performance, security, and scale from your modern .NET applications using SQL Server in the cloud.

Learning objectives:

  1. Understand the basics of how .NET with SQL Server is different in the cloud than on premises.
  2. Learn how to adapt to the scale of the cloud and changes in data access patterns that arise.
  3. See how to configure both .NET applications and SQL Server to get the optimal performance, security, and resiliency.

Speaker - Craig Bossie, Pavankumar Kasani and Gene Mays

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