Accurate Data for Decision Making - How to Improve Business Insights

Melissa sponsored on-demand webinar

Webcast Abstract

Limited or inaccurate data significantly impacts decisions making, even in the age of AI. Garbage in, garbage out (GIGO) is still a challenge.

With the release of the new Melissa Marketplace, we address the need for curated, gold-standard reference data to drive new business insights, increase operational efficiency, improve sales and marketing efforts, and provide trusted AI training data.

The Marketplace has over 25 data sets that can easily be integrated with SQL Server, as well as other database platforms, to solve data challenges for industries including: real estate, financial services, government services, healthcare/medical and more.

Attend this session to learn about gold-standard data for:

  • Households - Data for 200 million US households with over 300 data points
  • Businesses - Customizable data for 15 million businesses
  • International Data - 200+ countries with data updated on a quarterly basis and downloadable to your data center
  • Medical Professionals - Over 2 million medical professionals at your fingertips
  • Geography - Shapes and boundary data for zip codes, carrier routes, property parcels, building footprints, national congressional districts, state upper and lower districts, including local counties and cities.
  • Comprehensive data sets covering 95-99% of the population

Join us for this event to improve your SQL Server data, analytics and decision making.

Speaker - Daniel Kha Le

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