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As SQL Server environments continue to grow, so does the management and performance complexity. DBAs are now challenged with managing hundreds to thousands of SQL Server instances in multiple physical locations and the cloud - plus, needing to manage rollouts, patching, maintenance plans, best practice settings, scheduled tasks, monitoring, alerting, and performance issues. It is often overwhelming.

One solution transforming how SQL Server DBAs work is dbWatch. dbWatch has introduced dbWatch Control Center, a powerful automation tool for today's demanding database environment scenarios to manage individual SQL Server instances and the overall SQL Server Farm in one application. It provides a 360-degree view of your entire workflow across all platforms and gives you the tools to manage any farm, regardless of size or complexity. Have a small farm with a handful of SQL Servers? No problem! What about a large, complex, hybrid farm in multiple locations with a mix of Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL, PostgreSQL, MariaDB, Sybase, or MongoDB? dbWatch Control Center can handle it, all in one solution! No need to open another tool, flip between tools, or log in to each database instance. This single solution helps productivity and reduces the learning curve by knowing the intricacies of each database platform, edition, and version. This is all accomplished with a granular security model and access controls to properly protect the data.

Key features include:

  • All DBMS platforms in one tool
  • All locations, clouds, and customers in one tool
  • Automate tasks to save time
  • Find new instances and get them enrolled
  • Customization to make it work for you and your environment
  • Find and fix scheduled tasks
  • Run queries right from the monitoring and maintenance platform
  • Find slow queries and correlate them to performance moments
  • Stay up-to-date on patches
  • Dedicated support staff

To grasp a 360-degree view of your database environment, increase productivity, and ultimately save money, dbWatch has coupled its extensive DBA expertise and software development talent to create the most advanced and efficient solution for enterprise database server farms. To learn all about dbWatch Control Center visit -!

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