How to ensure data reliability, accessibility, and protection by monitoring SQL Server

IDERA sponsored on-demand webinar

Webcast Abstract

Requirements for the security and compliance of data have become increasingly stringent. As a result, database administrators are tasked not only with maintaining the availability, health, and performance of databases but also with monitoring and auditing database activities for security and compliance. Such activities include login permissions, database and data access, update actions, schema changes, and configuration changes.

To complement the monitoring of database performance, SQL Compliance Manager provides real-time monitoring, alerting, auditing, and reporting of all database activities related to security and compliance.

Join IDERA’s Tep Chantra to learn how to:

  • Monitor, alert, and log access to your databases and servers.
  • Scan your databases to identify personal data and other sensitive data.
  • Create trustworthy audit records and reports of security events.
  • Validate that the audit trail repository has not been tampered with.

Speaker - Tep Chantra