SQL Diagnostic Manager for SQL Server

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Reduced availability and performance of Microsoft SQL Server can severely impact the critical applications that it supports. SQL Diagnostic Manager for SQL Server provides robust SQL Server monitoring functionality that covers the performance of the entire SQL Server environment and provides the most comprehensive diagnostics on the market.

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Some of the key benefits of SQL Diagnostic Manager include:

  • Monitor SQL Servers and analyze continuously - know at a glance the real-time availability, health, and performance of your SQL Server instances. Spot issues fast with metrics analysis across hundreds of instances. Generate reports from your SQL Server database to stay apprised of health and performance.
  • Deploy for physical, virtual, and cloud environments - ensure continuity by monitoring the performance of physical servers, virtual servers, and cloud servers to get a complete, continuous view of your SQL Server environment.  
  • Manage availability groups - efficiently manage the topology of high-availability groups. Even during failover, get monitoring and alerting on your clusters, mirrors, and replication.  
  • Monitor tempdb - identify and resolve tempdb contention and performance problems, and check and display the space and performance information of your tempdb. 
  • Manage jobs - monitor and alert on your jobs�success, failure, cancellation, or retry. View all jobs and their last known status, and the complete history of jobs. Also, conveniently start and stop jobs from the same interface.  
  • Monitor CPU and memory usage - avoid bottlenecks and deadlocks with CPU, disk space, and memory usage alerts indicating 
  • Alerts based on best practices - get SQL Server monitoring alerts customized for your industry and your enterprise. Choose from over 100 predefined alert settings based on industry best practices. Modify your configuration settings for greater flexibility and optimization.
  • Browse historical data - reduce future problems by understanding the multiple factors behind SQL Server database issues. Examine historical trends and drill down to the precise point in time a problem emerged.
  • Automate alert response actions - give your DBAs more ways to respond, with customized, automated alert-response actions for system notifications, email, SQL scripts, PowerShell scripts, and more.

SQL Diagnostic Manager for SQL Server supports SQL Server 2000 through SQL Server 2019 as well as Azure SQL Database and Amazon RDS. You can monitor SQL Server in the cloud, on-premises or hybrid environments with this one monitoring tool.

Download a free trial of SQL Diagnostic Manager for SQL Server now and start getting immediate insight into your SQL Server environment.

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