Identify and Understand Important Data to Improve SQL Server Performance

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Webcast Abstract

In this webinar, learn how to monitor SQL Servers' performance and the challenges of doing so across your environment whether it is on-premises, in the cloud or hybrid.

Database performance can be a challenging concept for administrators and developers because SQL Server and operating system provide so many different ways to gather the necessary data. Database engines like SQL Server (or any of its cloud variants) are heavily instrumented and provide tremendous amounts of metadata. Understanding which management views and operating system performance counters are essential is one of the most critical aspects of database performance.

In this webinar some of the technologies that will be covered include:

  • SQL Server DMVs
  • SQL Server Query Store
  • Extended Events
  • Windows Performance Counters
  • VMware Performance Counters

Also learn about a solution from dbWatch to automate the collection and analysis of your performance data to boost productivity.

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Speaker - Joseph D'Antoni and Per Christopher Undheim