Monitoring SQL Server - What, When, and How?

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Webcast Abstract

SQL Server Database Administrators (DBAs) have a lot of things to worry about – did the backups complete, is the server performing to our standards, do we have enough disk space for that growing transaction log file, what are the highest priorities, how to we visualize our environment, etc.?

As a result, many organizations look to monitoring and observability tools to help provide quick access to important metrics. In this session, you will learn about the metrics that matter for SQL Server – and how you can work to build a solution to collect, gather, visualize, and trend that data. You will also learn about the challenges in building and maintaining your own solutions as well as a time-saving solution from dbWatch to improve your productivity.

In this webinar you are going to learn:

  1. What I need to collect?
  2. How am I going to collect it?
  3. How am I going to present it?
  4. How do I maintain and deploy this system?
  5. ... and more.

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Speaker - Joseph D'Antoni and Per Christopher Undheim