Real Time Data Verification

Melissa sponsored on-demand webinar

Webcast Abstract

Real time decision making is a necessity in many industries, but it has come under scrutiny with many cases related to fraud, money laundering and financial losses. Determining the legitimacy and risk profile of counterparties is imperative. These incidents have brought new business practices, including Know Your Customer (KYC) and Know Your Business (KYB) to the Banking, Lending, Real Estate, eCommerce, Financial, Insurance, Legal, Accounting, and other industries. Unfortunately, meeting these demands is time consuming, error prone and costly.

In this session, we will demonstrate three solutions from Melissa to solve real time KYC and KYB data verification needs in an accurate and cost-effective manner:

  1. Know Your Business Solution - Our first demo will explore the Know Your Business solution using a Python web app integrated with the Melissa Data Quality platform API. In real time, we will validate the data of multiple business entities against the Melissa knowledge base. This live demo will showcase the rich capabilities of the KYB solution to check and validate the legitimacy of a business entity. We will also explore the background data and the integration options that Melissa provides.
  2. Know Your Customer Solution - Next, we will look at the upgraded functionality of the Personator Identity solution. This solution is suitable for personal data validation and designed for KYC needs. Using a standard input form, we will show live step by step validation of identities from different countries.
  3. Online Identity Portal - Finally, we will demonstrate the new Melissa Personator Identity Portal to validate the legitimacy of an individual online to meet KYC business practices.

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Speaker - Hristo Hristov