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Scott Shaw
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Scott Shaw

I couldnít cut it in Literary Academia so I took a different path down the I.T. road. Itís been a great journey full of late nights, stressful outages, and tons of technical documentation.  Along the way Iíve acquired many things including ways to be contacted.  My email is [email protected], I have a fresh blog at  http://blogofshaw.blogspot.com/, a slightly more mature LinkedIn account, Twitter [email protected] and finally a Facebook account dedicated to I.T. Iíve been in I.T. long enough to remember the days when technical folks were anything but social! Those days are obviously gone.

I currently live comfortably in Saint Louis with my wife and 2 kids.  I have a B.A. and M.A. in English Literature and a MSMIS degree in Management Information Systems.  I work as Lead SQL DBA for Sisters of Mercy Health Systems. The company owns numerous hospitals and small clinics throughout the Midwest.  I own a fledgling consulting company www.dbaconsortium.com and Iíve taught SQL at Washington Universityís CAIT program.  Iíve also had the honor of presenting at SQLSaturday (http://sqlsaturday.com/53/schedule.aspx).


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