Deleting a SQL Server stored procedure


In addition to creating stored procedures there is also the need to delete stored procedures.  This topic shows you how you can delete stored procedures that are no longer needed.


The syntax is very straightforward to drop a stored procedure, here are some examples.

Dropping Single Stored Procedure

To drop a single stored procedure you use the DROP PROCEDURE or DROP PROC command as follows.

DROP PROCEDURE dbo.uspGetAddress 
-- or
DROP PROC dbo.uspGetAddress 

Dropping Multiple Stored Procedures

To drop multiple stored procedures with one command you specify each procedure separated by a comma as shown below.

DROP PROCEDURE dbo.uspGetAddress, dbo.uspInsertAddress, dbo.uspDeleteAddress
-- or
DROP PROC dbo.uspGetAddress, dbo.uspInsertAddress, dbo.uspDeleteAddress

Last Update: 4/1/2009

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Friday, December 23, 2016 - 4:26:08 PM - Norbert Muth Back To Top


another tipp: make an example, how the drop or alter statement is executed only when the stored procedure exists.

And when the sp should be created, how it's done save; means: if not exists then create sp with a dummy statemnet and afterward an alter sp. So in any case you get the actual version without any errors.

best wishes




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