SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) Deployment Utility


The deployment utility can be used to create an SSIS package installer.  The deployment utility is a built-in feature in an Integration Services project.  In this section we will review the steps to enable the deployment utility and create a deployment.

To begin launch BIDS by selecting SQL Server Business Intelligence Development Studio from the Microsoft SQL Server program group.  Click File, Open, Project / Solution on the top level menu to display the Open Project dialog.  Navigate to the location of the solution as shown below then click Open:

pen project

Navigate to the Tutorial-Sample-1 project in Solution Explorer as shown below:

olution explorer deployment

Right click on the Tutorial-Sample-1 project and select Properties from the popup menu.  Click Deployment Utility in the Configuration Properties list and fill in the dialog as follows:

et deployment utility option

Note that the CreateDeploymentUtility property is set to True; the default is False.  The DeploymentOutputPath specifies the location where the deployment files will be written.  The default is shown above and is relative to the project folder.  Click OK to save the settings.

Right click on the Tutorial-Sample-1 project in the Solution Explorer and select Build from the popup menu.  This will build the project and invoke the deployment utility.  If all of the SSIS packages are in a valid state, you will see the message Build Succeeded in the bottom left of the window.  Navigate to the bin\Deployment folder underneath the project folder to view the deployment files.  You will see the following files:

eployment files

The above files represent the deployment.  You can copy them to the deployment target then double click on the Tutorial-Sample-1.SSISDeploymentManifest file to perform the deployment.

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